USF - Nintendo Ultra 64 Sound Format

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If you're familiar with PSF you'll immediately recognize USF: it's an attempt to do the same thing with the Nintendo 64. For the uninitiated...

USF is a file format which contains all the data needed to play a song from an N64 game. Once the song has been ripped into a USF file you can load it up in a player (such as the 64th Note Winamp Plugin) and listen to the music.
You'll see that most USF sets are actually many miniUSF files and a single USFlib file. The USFlib contains data common to all songs (such as sample data or player code), while the miniUSF files contain data specific to each song (the sequence for the song, or bits of code specific to the song). The miniUSF file contains a reference to the USFlib file, and both must be located in the same directory for the player to find the USFlib.

USF technical specification

Current Sets is the official repository for USF sets. may have more recent rips and tags.

64th Note

64th Note logo
64th Note is a USF plugin for
Winamp, based on Project64 1.6 by Zilmar and Jabo and Azimer's HLE Audio Plugin. It requires major CPU and memory resources, 300 MHz and 64 MB are the minimum for the least-intensive USF sets, but requirements vary greatly between sets.

NOTE: There is a known bug with Winamp 5.5 and all versions of 64th Note. It was fixed in 5.51, so get a newer version if you're on 5.5, or use the workaround.

Download current version:
64th Note v1.2 beta 3 installer (thanks icewolf762!)
64th Note v1.2 beta 3 binary
64th Note v1.2 beta 3 source

There is also a version for foobar2000 now, thanks to the work of Josh W:

It is strongly recommended that you use the most recent version!
64th Note now uses NSIS to install without much user effort.

You are requested to report any errors you encounter to
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