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[Resident Evil 5] - Convert .FWSE sound effects to .WAV (last page)11:47 AM EDT May 24, 2018Night Furious 20
Skylanders Extract & Convert8:57 PM EDT May 21, 2018jeangene91 8
Help extracting music from OLD PC games4:31 PM EDT May 21, 2018bnnm 9
Gauntlet Dark Legacy Soundbank (.VBK)2:53 PM EDT May 21, 2018Kirishima 4
Doom (2016) - Wwise SoundBank (BNK) file format10:51 AM EDT May 21, 2018Nicknine 3
Help with obtaining decryption key from game4:25 PM EDT May 19, 2018Zephyrse 4
Disney's Atlantis - The Lost Empire [PS1] (last page)12:24 AM EDT May 18, 2018Kirishima 11
Ripping Wii Startup Sound from BRSAR (last page)9:13 PM EDT May 17, 2018raulix 22
Wii Soundfont suggestions (last page)5:27 PM EDT May 17, 2018raulix 23
Animetic Story Game 1 Card Captor Sakura [PS1]8:58 AM EDT May 17, 2018Eliskuya 7 (frontend and upload form for update and feedback thread (last page)8:47 PM EDT May 16, 2018datschge 71
Killzone - Shadowfall Unknown WWise format PS44:29 PM EDT May 16, 2018bnnm 5
Why isn't there a way to automate .brsar ripping?4:44 AM EDT May 16, 2018mariofan12ify 2
PangYa full music rip2:29 PM EDT May 15, 2018cucamorais 1
Ñíntéhndœ ÑX SDee K 💦Lë@k💦 (last page)12:51 AM EDT May 14, 2018hcs 33
Hoot2:06 PM EDT May 13, 2018Koto 7
Bloodlines Champions .XWB12:24 PM EDT May 13, 2018TheGoldenChild 3
Vita Decryption tools6:29 AM EDT May 12, 2018bnnm 3
Konami All-Stars 1993, Dream's Music Station Box Set?5:35 AM EDT May 12, 2018hcs 2
SPT/SPD and ILG files10:16 AM EDT May 8, 2018Vector Harbor 3

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