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Alternative to foobar2000 for VGM formats on steam deck?2:12 PM EST December 16, 2023Knurek 5
aiff.sqh8:19 AM EST December 14, 2023Locke_gb7 10
How to extract .pak files from Android (APK) based games?3:51 PM EST December 13, 2023marcoxD95 1
Theatrhythm Final Bar Line gamerip11:13 PM EST November 30, 2023Alibaba1000 3
Gamecube MusyX Audio Thread (last page)2:06 AM EST November 30, 2023antidote 232
Any methods to merge SZD1&2 into the original single .at9 file?9:21 PM EST November 29, 2023Fr@nk1in 3
PSF rip requests? (last page)12:09 PM EST November 20, 202347iscool 21
A Little Bit of... Dr Kawashima's Brain Training .zsd (Compressed SDAT)10:08 PM EST November 18, 2023Ritchan64 1
Conflict Vietnam & Shellshock Nam 672:30 PM EST November 15, 2023marineveteranm4 1
Unchained Blades [UnchainBlades ReXX] (2011-07-14)(-)(FuRyu)[PSP][tagged]5:12 PM EST November 13, 2023bnnm 2
Tales of Berseria PC - SPSIS14 Encryption1:23 AM EST November 13, 2023lapistier 7
Documenting the PS2 CSL sequenced formats (SQ/BD/HD), and comparisons to PS1 generic sequenced formats (SEQ/VH/VB)4:42 AM EST November 11, 2023baku-chan 1
Inti Creates file decryption questions1:42 AM EST November 9, 2023anonon 3
Zelda TP Sound Effects and Textures (last page)9:13 PM EST November 7, 2023linkthedancer 21
ZTT2 Taikenban Type-B gamerip5:47 PM EDT November 3, 2023DarkSolidSnake 1
Yo-kai watch just dance rip9:34 PM EDT October 29, 2023DarkSolidSnake 1
Request: Precure All Stars - Zenin Shuugou Let's Dance! (Wii)4:02 PM EDT October 19, 2023Pixel_Crusher 3
PSF/PSF24:03 AM EDT October 19, 2023ArcaneDimensions 7
How can I extract Brave Firefighters Sega sound effects?8:22 PM EDT October 18, 2023Cartoondude135 1
Peach's Castle GCN Tech demo11:58 PM EDT October 12, 2023saladplainzone 2

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