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MGME by SmartOne at 3:50 PM EDT on April 21, 2009

Game_Music_Emu and snes_spc 0.9 by blargg, plugin by mudlord.

I'm amazed by the quality of SPC playback!

edited 3:51 PM EDT April 21, 2009
by SmartOne at 6:54 PM EDT on April 21, 2009
In XMPlay sometimes the seek bar returns to the left (beginning) after seeking, though the music is played from the correct, sought position. Seems to happen when seeking to about halfway or more.

I still think an option for native SPC sample rate would be nice, for purity's sake.
by mudlord at 7:48 PM EDT on April 21, 2009

SPC playback is locked at the true sample rate of 32khz. Which is the native sample rate.

So there is no need for such a option.
by hcs at 10:51 PM EDT on April 21, 2009
mudlord, could you post your winamp interface code? Mouser's been bugging me about it and I'm wondering if I might spot whatever is causing his buffering issues.
by mudlord at 11:16 PM EDT on April 21, 2009
When I am at home, I will package up the code and submit it by tommorrow.
by Mouser X at 12:09 AM EDT on April 22, 2009
I didn't mean to be an annoyance.... But I have been trying to see if I can find anything useful regarding the issue. I've been looking at old versions of 64th Note (because I thought it used to have this same problem. It doesn't, but it turns out it has a different "issue."). I've discovered a few interesting things. 64th Note v1.00 beta 8 and down don't handle prebuffering at all (as near as I can tell). In other words it ignores the settings I have for the output plugins. However, in 1.00b9 it appears to adhere to the buffering options (the "time display" stops at 20 sec. (I intentionally maxed the settings here to exagerate the problem), but continues playing until the buffer is empty. It also takes more CPU, implying it's rendering the next file). The source is available for 100b9, but not for 100b2-b8.

I realize that this is probably not useful, especially if HCS is willing to give your code a look over. I just wanted to be as helpful as I could. Hopefully this can be resolved better.

Also, you weren't rude in requesting me to post in this thread (as HCS already noted). And I do use an archive plugin for Winamp (rather extensively I might add). The problem is that all the VGMs I have came from Project2612, which are distributed in the VGZ form (grouped together in 1 big archive per game). If I understand you correctly, I'd have to extract every set, and every file in those sets, then repack them (after renaming them appropriately) into a new archive. While doable, I grabbed the Project2612 torrent. That's a lot of files to go through....

As for the buffer, if I were on my PC, then I'd have it around 5000-7000 (with a 3000 buffer when going to the next track). But this PC is garbage. 20000 isn't enough (but it does help), and files (2SFs and USFs mainly. I think I tried DSFs once, and they essentially locked Winamp up because they required too much CPU) usually don't play all the way through before they have to refill the buffer. In case you're wondering (I don't remember if I mentioned it already), this is a 450 mhz PC running WinXP.

Thanks again for looking into the issue, and for the plugin. Mouser X over and out.

edited 12:26 AM EDT April 22, 2009
by mudlord at 1:37 AM EDT on April 22, 2009
In the past, I got VGZ support working. I'm not sure when that was. I suppose open sourcing this would help me tracking down and fixing these bugs I suppose :/
by mudlord at 7:55 PM EDT on April 22, 2009
hcs, source:
by SmartOne at 8:40 PM EDT on April 22, 2009
Does MGME use the equalizer functions of GME?
by mudlord at 8:44 PM EDT on April 22, 2009
Not at this stage. Definately will happen at some stage.

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