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vgmstream (pin'd) (last page)11:21 PM EST February 20, 2019shockdude 2232 Music Archive thread of awesome (pin'd) (last page)3:10 PM EST February 19, 2019bxaimc 3734
Switch - Music (pin'd) (last page)10:02 AM EST February 19, 2019dany1994gus 668
The VGM/Others Instrument Source Thread (pin'd) (last page)1:28 PM EST February 18, 2019Q-Money 2281
3DS - Music (pin'd) (last page)1:04 AM EST February 10, 2019ChillyBilly 1563
The Official Streamed VGM Distribution Thread (pin'd) (last page)1:20 PM EST February 1, 2019defcon 2318
What's going on in other xsf formats (pin'd) (last page)7:04 AM EST January 6, 2019marcusss 2171
The Official VGMToolbox Thread (pin'd) (last page)7:39 PM EST December 18, 2018XaikuTheMaverickHunter 336
Pinned/sticky thread discussion (pin'd) (last page)9:31 PM EDT April 30, 2018bxaimc 34
NEZ m3us in foobar2000 (yea, that old chestnut)3:23 AM EST February 21, 2019Knurek 8
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Soundfont (last page)2:48 PM EST February 20, 2019G-Boy 115
Help with ripping 64dd soundfonts10:04 AM EST February 20, 2019TheKnewGreg 1
Grandoll PSF8:17 AM EST February 19, 2019Harold 9
Last Rites (.DSF, ADPCM)6:44 PM EST February 18, 2019bnnm 4
Usf - Javascript player6:09 AM EST February 18, 2019perfectdams 4
2 Ubisoft Gamerips6:14 PM EST February 17, 2019-Dexter- 1
MegaMan Legends 1 & 2 PSF3:17 AM EST February 17, 2019kode54 5
The Official hcs64 Discord Server (last page)12:55 PM EST February 14, 2019Eliskuya 13
Hoot Player - Metal Slug 4 problem11:31 AM EST February 14, 2019Koto 1
Introducing - DAX audio format9:48 PM EST February 12, 2019AnonRunzes 4
(64DD) Mario Artist Music Ripping (last page)9:21 PM EST February 12, 2019TheKnewGreg 23
GBA Spongebob?1:38 PM EST February 10, 2019MoldyPond 2
Digimon World 3 Files7:10 AM EST February 10, 2019DreamsVibe 1
Hoot registration key3:23 PM EST February 8, 2019Excalibur624 4
Dragon Ball Final Bout PSF12:04 PM EST February 7, 2019lohweo 1
Extracting midi from i-mode / EZweb mobile phone games (.jar format) / how do i dump rom?1:23 PM EST February 5, 2019dj4uk6cjm 3
SGT Format - Could This be added to VGMSTREAM? Some kind of MIDI2:15 AM EST February 4, 2019Ultrafighter 9
Hoyle PC Games Music Extraction11:32 PM EST February 3, 2019simonmkwii 6
Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix Ripped PSF2 files (last page)12:17 AM EST February 3, 2019Eliskuya 24

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