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Metroid Prime 1 & 2 by Franpa at 1:58 AM EDT on August 6, 2009
Where to find Metroid Prime 1 & 2 music? (not mp3's if possible, already got some average quality mp3's)
by Mouser X at 2:12 AM EDT on August 6, 2009
You know, it would make things much better if you would just stick this all in one thread (like this one for instance, or even editing this one and putting it in there) instead of splitting it.

Anyway, I figure you're probably looking for this. Do read the text! It's important!. If you cause problems, you will be banned as quickly as possible. If, for whatever reason, you want to ignore that, then please download from here instead. But, if you download multiple files from that second link (I already linked to it for Paper Mario 2), you could possibly cause it to go down, which would make getting the files take much longer.

Anyway, hopefully that helps. And please keep your requests in one place, instead of cluttering up the forum. Mouser X over and out.
by Franpa at 3:31 AM EDT on August 6, 2009
Thanks very much :) greatly appreciated!
by Lunar at 6:57 AM EDT on August 6, 2009
do the metroid prime sets have tracknames? i'd be interested in grabbing them if so.
by Franpa at 7:09 AM EDT on August 6, 2009
they don't have proper file names... they retain the original filename. Also, I didn't realize each channel for each track is a separate file (left and right are separate)

edit: I can mix the channels to create a single file from each pair of files but that is gonna be annoying to do for each one ._.

edited 7:10 AM EDT August 6, 2009
by Lunar at 8:14 AM EDT on August 6, 2009
yeah i deleted them before because they were untagged and oversized. in that case i guess i'll search out fully tagged mp3 rips instead.
by Franpa at 8:20 AM EDT on August 6, 2009
oversized? elaborate.
by Lunar at 8:38 AM EDT on August 6, 2009
bigger than mp3s with no real advantage for me.
by valiant at 9:11 AM EDT on August 6, 2009
Forget all that and get this instead:

Download (MP3):

Download (FLAC):

Password is primeblue.

Again, some explanations are due: This is not just a simple conversion of the DSP files found on the disc, as they have many unnatural loops (clipping, volume changes, channel panning) which, although you don't hear them during normal gameplay, are very noticeable when listening to the isolated files. What's even more annoying, these problems have been carried over to the OST release in most cases. So yeah, bottom line, I again looped the files manually and patched up all the glitches. Note that this rip uses the higher quality 44KHz OST tracks where it was possible (in that, they were not cut short before the first loop, as happens quite a few times on the CD) and all tracks have two loops and a proper fade-out. I also extracted all beta and trailer compositions from their respective original discs and files, so purists should get excited as we didn't have a lossless corrected release of those before.

edited 1:04 PM EDT August 6, 2009
by hcs at 11:18 AM EDT on August 6, 2009
Awesome prime, I'll be checking this out. I love your attention to detail, and those imperfections really get to me, too.
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