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by bxaimc at 6:09 PM EST on December 9, 2010
.....vgmstream obviously plays them..
by headerless at 12:08 AM EST on December 10, 2010
Goldeneye wii by terps4life90 at 1:56 AM EST on December 10, 2010
Hey can someone help me get winamp set up with the plugins i need so that i can play the Goldeneye wii soundtrack, thanks again. Please list the steps and folder names so that i get it in the right directories.
by bxaimc at 7:32 AM EST on December 10, 2010
Click here for the latest release of vgmstream. Place this .dll in your winamp/plugins folder.

Click here for the external plugins needed by vgmstream. Place these .dlls in winamp's root directory.

edited 7:32 AM EST December 10, 2010
by terps4life90 at 4:07 PM EST on December 10, 2010
Thank you, it worked! Now how can i get them converted to mp3's?
by Mouser X at 5:02 PM EST on December 10, 2010
Read the readme that came with VGMstream, and use the command line application "test.exe" to convert them to WAVs. Then, you can use any tool/application you want to convert the WAVs to MP3s.

How to access/use the command line application - I would suggest either looking it up on Google, or using a batch (*.bat) file to do this (a batch file is a text file, with the extension changed from *.txt to *.bat). I'll show you the BAT file I use, but first, I'll show you the BAT file you'll most likely want to use. It would look like this:

FOR %%a IN (*.fsb) DO test -l 2 -f 10 -o "%%a.wav" "%%a"

This will loop each FSB twice, with a 10 second fade, and create a WAV file using the same filename (including the original extension). Obviously, you'll need to change "*.fsb" to the appropriate extension for this game/format.

On the other hand, the batch file I use looks like this:

FOR %%a IN (*.fsb) DO test -l 1 -f 0 -x -o "%%a.wav" "%%a" >> adx.bat

What this will do, is for every instance (in the current directory, which is the directory that the BAT file is in) of <filename>.fsb, it will run that file through "test" (aka, test.exe, which is vgmstream. VGMstream, and all of the necessary DLLs, should be in the same directory as the BAT file), with the parameters of "-l 1 -f 0 -x -o "%%a.wav" "%%a", and output to "adx.bat".

"-l 1" means it only loops once, "-f 0" means it doesn't fade, "-x" means it will output the loop points using "standard" adxencd.exe loops (which is why I have the ">> adx.bat" on the end. So that I can then run adx.bat, and it will encode all of the WAVs to ADX files), "-o "%%a.wav" " is the filename of the WAV to be created (the "%%a" is so that the WAV will have the same filename as the original file, and ".wav" is added to the end of that, to designate that it's a WAV file), and "%%a" is the input file name.

Obviously, change the BAT file as necessary (again, see the VGMstream readme.txt file for details on the parameters available to you).

If you want to convert the files to OGG (or LOGG, which is OGG files with loop points that VGMstream can understand), you can use "-g" instead of "-x".

Hopefully that helps, and isn't too confusing. Good luck creating WAV files. Mouser X over and out.
by terps4life90 at 5:11 PM EST on December 10, 2010
what if i gave you the files, could you do it for me?
by Mouser X at 5:37 PM EST on December 10, 2010
No, I could not. I don't have the hard drive space, nor the bandwidth to download, and then upload, the files. Seriously? I made this as easy as possible.

"Create a batch file (which is a text file, with a *.BAT extension, instead of *.TXT), using this as the text in the file (change FSB to whatever extension you need):

FOR %%a IN (*.fsb) DO test -l 2 -f 10 -o "%%a.wav" "%%a"

Then, put that BAT file, test.exe (and all of its necessary DLL files) inside the same directory as your sound files. Double-click the BAT file. This will create lots of WAV files. Put these WAV files through your MP3 encoding tool of choice (or OGG. Your choice).

Congratulations. You've converted audio files from one format to another."

How is that so difficult? I already said all of that in my above post. It's not hard, and should be very easy. Mouser X over and out.
by TheUltimateKoopa at 6:56 PM EST on December 10, 2010
I'm downloading the thingy from the tracker, but as usual, I'm not downloading at a reasonable speed. Well, be honest, how does 0.3 kB/s sound, or roughly 300 bytes/second? The estimated remaining time is about 2 weeks according to uTorrent. For some reason it WAS downloading up to around 20 kbps, but seems to have dropped by up to around 99.5% (no exaggerating, that's almost literal) -- wait, nevermind, after deleting the torrent and re-downloading it seems to have started going faster. But it's really beserk. Like it went right down to about 1.x kB/s, and then went up, it seems to go up and down, and sometimes going faster. Sometimes, it'll go up to say 20, then down to 11, and then to 17, then maybe a little higher (maybe up to 30), do torrents usually do this?

EDIT: OK, now suddenly it decides to shoot all the way to about 150? What was to be about 6 hours, is now less than 50 minutes?

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by hcs at 7:25 PM EST on December 10, 2010
Dude, chill out. Don't watch torrents, you'll go blind.

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