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VGMToolbox r807 by snakemeat at 10:40 PM EDT on May 11, 2011
VGMToolbox has been updated. Grab it at Sourceforge.

-= NEW =-
- Added disc image browser/extractor to view/extract the contents of game disc images. Currently, it supports .ISO and raw dump formats (.BIN, .IMG, .ISO, .MDF). .CUE, .CCD, etc... are not yet supported, so Redbook Audio Extraction is not really possible. For PSX disks, XA tracks (Mode2Form2) are highlighted in green for easy identification. When extracted, they will ready to run through the XA scanner.

- Currently supported file systems: Green Book (CD-i), ISO 9660 (PC/PSX/PS2/many more), Opera FS (3DO), XDVDFS (XBOX/XBOX360)[.iso only]

- Not yet supported/tested: XDVDFS (RAW)

Updated loop point bit masking to better detect loop points.

-= THANKS =-
Thanks to Polokus for testing the ISO Extractor with XBOX 360 images.

@MarkGrass - any chance of uploading a version of your driver with the default set to SSPLAY_INFINITY? I've encountered a number of sets that do not loop without it and it doesn't hurt those with proper loop points set. It's a lot easier than changing settings in PSF-O-Cycle. Users who want to listen to non-looping SFX can always download your non-looping driver and enter the offsets manually. Thanks again for the updated driver.
by JudgeIto at 9:51 PM EDT on May 12, 2011
Wow, that sounds like a powerful/convenient new addition. So this means that CDmage isn't needed anymore for XA extraction, right?
by snakemeat at 11:05 PM EDT on May 12, 2011
Wow, that sounds like a powerful/convenient new addition. So this means that CDmage isn't needed anymore for XA extraction, right?

Yeah, CDMage shouldn't be needed. Of course, please let me know if you encounter any bugs.
by MarkGrass at 12:32 AM EDT on May 13, 2011
@snakemeat - Sorry for the delayed response...

I have set "Playback Amount" to 0 (infinite), and added some new functionality:

If the VAB master volume and/or any VAB program volume is 0, the driver will automatically set to 127 (max). I have encountered many sets that resulted in no playback/errors, because the volume level within the VAB data was set to 0. With this upgrade, there's no need for Sony's 'VABtool' nor manual hacking.

If the "Playback Amount" option != 0, the driver will detect when/if a sequence has completed playback, halt emulation, then automatically advance to the next track (if available).
by snakemeat at 8:54 AM EDT on May 13, 2011
Thanks MarkGrass, I appreciate the looping changes.

Even more, I really appreciate the VAB volume code feature. I always remembered your warning about it and wondered if I were missing BGM due to a volume level of 0.

I'll have some time soon, so I'll update VGMT and put up a new version with this driver.
VGMToolbox r808 by snakemeat at 9:27 PM EDT on May 13, 2011
VGMToolbox updated, grab it on Sourceforge.

Mark Grass v3.0.0 special!

[PSF Maker]
Updated Mark Grass Generic Driver to v3.0.0.

-= THANKS =-
Thanks to Mark Grass for the excellent new features!
VGMToolbox r824 by snakemeat at 11:01 PM EDT on May 26, 2011
VGMToolbox updated, grab it on Sourceforge.

- Added support for more filesystems: Game Cube, Wii Optical Disc (Encrypted/Decrypted)
- Added support for more disc image formats: .CUE/.BIN, .GDI/.BIN/.RAW (NullDC GDI Dreamcast Images)

- Currently supported image types: .CUE/.BIN, .GDI/ISO/BIN, .IMG, .ISO, .MDF
- Currently supported file systems: GameCube, Green Book (CD-i), ISO 9660 (PC/PSX/PS2), NullDC GDI (Dreamcast), Opera FS (3DO), Wii Optical Disc, XDVDFS (XBOX/XBOX360)

-= THANKS =-
Sir-Sabin for ISO Extractor bug reporting.
VGMToolbox r835 by snakemeat at 11:59 AM EDT on June 12, 2011
VGMToolbox updated, grab it at Sourceforge.

- Add option to check for EOF using the End of Track marker rather than by checking for silent blocks.

- Add THP demultiplexing. This fomat is found in many GameCube and Wii games.
- Add Mobiclip for Wii demultiplexing. This format has been seen in Pandora no Tou. Additional testing may be needed as more samples are discovered.
- Currently supported demux formats: DVD Video (VOB), MO (WII), MPEG1, MPEG2, PAM (PS3), PMF (PSP), PSS (PS2), SFD, THP (GC/WII), USM, XMV (XBOX)

-= FIXED =-
- Fixed calculation overflow that would cause errors for file tables near the end of a disc for XDVDFS images.
- Fixed file name reading in GDI files for filenames with spaces in them.

-= THANKS =-
Thanks to Mario_Kinnikuman for CD-XA feedback and tools.
Thanks to thakis for the THP specs and thpplay; and FastElbJa for his THP demultiplexer source.

edited 12:01 PM EDT June 12, 2011
by neo_chip at 5:47 PM EDT on June 12, 2011
Its so ideal having an all-in-one iso browser/extractor. Thank you snakemeat and all who contribute.
VGMToolbox r837 by snakemeat at 1:39 PM EDT on June 26, 2011
VGMToolbox has been updated, just a couple of fixes, but important ones. Grab it at Sourceforge.

-= FIXED =-
- Fixed "An item with the same key has already been added." error for files with multiple audio streams.
- Added support for @ALP USM block type.

-= THANKS =-
Thanks to Infernus Animositas and neo_chip for reporting the Video Demultiplexer bugs.

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