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by 47iscool at 5:05 AM EDT on June 21, 2015
Hey snakemeat, have you thought about adding a feature to the iso extractor on vgmt to be able to replace files like Apache3?
by snakemeat at 10:38 AM EDT on June 21, 2015
@cyberspeed: I'll take a look when time allows. During my research, I believe PSP subs had either a 4 byte or 2 byte header. 2 of the first 4 bytes are the packet size.

@47iscool: Not at the moment, that would be an enormous amount of work that I don't have time for right now.
by 47iscool at 5:10 PM EDT on June 25, 2015
Okay, just wondering.
VGMToolbox r977 by snakemeat at 6:54 PM EDT on June 25, 2015
VGMToolbox has been updated, grab it at Sourceforge.

VGMToolbox r977 (2015-06-25)

-= NEW =-
[VIDEO DEMULTIPLEXER] Bink 2 support in release phase. No known issues.

[ISO EXTRACTOR] Update 3DS extraction to prompt user to verify image against internal checksums. Not all tools will decrypt 3ds images without errors, for example rxTools does not always decrypt correctly.

[VIDEO DEMULTIPLEXER] Update USM demultiplexer to support HCA audio streams.

-= FIXED =-

-= THANKS =-
AlphaTwentyThree for Bink 2 testing.

b1l1s for a working 3ds decryptor tool that consistently decrypts without errors (

neimod for ctrtool source that contains a 3ds checksum validation algorithm.
by snakemeat at 8:06 PM EDT on August 2, 2015
Okay, I think I've finally got ACB/AWB support figured out. Update here (r997). For now I'll still call it a beta, but I feel much more confident about this one than the last version.

All of my samples so far seem to match CRI Atom Viewer. At this point, I'd really appreciate feedback on any ACBs that do not match CRI Atom Viewer or cause errors.

I also don't have a full list of what are called "EncodeType" aka stream file types. If you extract a file with an unknown value, the file extension will be ".EncodeType-XX.bin" where "XX" is a number. I'd appreciate people filling me in on what numbers they receive and what the format actually is, or what game they are using if they cannot figure out the format. At this point, I expect I'm missing values for at least the following formats: AIFF, ATRAC9, "HeVag?" IMA ADPCM, MP3, OGG, PCM (Wave), and XMA.

I've also added CPK support to this build in case you missed it in the Sonic Lost World thread. There's a stand alone extractor and I've added it to the ISO Extractor so you can just pick the files you want. Encrypted CPKs are supported, as are CPKs with data in the ITOC table. ITOC entries do not have files names, unfortunately. This is due to the format, not VGMToolbox.

For now, this build is still a bit beta-ish and I may add more features like duplicate detection or writing extended info to a text file.

edited 1:23 AM EDT August 3, 2015
by soneek at 6:45 AM EDT on August 3, 2015
I pushed my old source for BCSAR/BFSAR to banks and and sequences from late last year. It's still extremely messy, but it could be a start towards learning the format. I'm doing a Python rewrite soon since I can do some BFSAR edits and test them now.

by Nisto at 7:24 AM EDT on August 3, 2015
Giving it a go with Python, eh, soneek? ;p

edited 12:38 PM EDT August 3, 2015
by snakemeat at 7:26 PM EDT on August 5, 2015
Here's VGMToolbox r1000.

I found one more feature of ACB files, the "Streaming" flag, so the names for files enclosed within the ACB itself can be differentiated from those in the external AWB archives. As best I can tell this tool is now complete, but please share feedback if you discover any errors since I have a limited variety of sample data.

I also incorporated support for raw AWB (AFS2) extraction for archives without an accompanying cue sheet (ACB).

Lastly, a long time bxaimc request, I've added an External File List renamer. This is used for archives that you can get the files out of, but cannot easily get the files names. It allows you to identify a folder with files to rename and a source file with offset of file names. It then renames the files in the source folder (in string order) using the file names. I haven't fully tested the static file name option, but the terminator option is working.

edited 12:37 AM EDT August 6, 2015
VGMToolbox r1004 by snakemeat at 6:35 PM EDT on August 16, 2015
VGMToolbox has been updated. Grab it at Sourceforge.

VGMToolbox r1004 (2015-08-16)

-= NEW =-
[CRI ACB/AWB EXTRACTOR] Add CRI ACB/AWB extraction. AWB (AFS2) files do not have internal names, so the files will be named after the source file.
[CRI CPK EXTRACTOR] Add tool to extract from CRI CPK archives. Encrypted and Decrypted TOC and ITOC folder structures supported.
[EXTERNAL LIST RENAMER] Add tool to rename a directory of files using file names contained in another file.

[ISO EXTRACTOR] Add CRI CPK suppport to the ISO/Archive Extractor.
[GENERAL INTERFACE] Reorganized the tool tree a little bit. Maybe a little more reorganization later?

-= THANKS =-
hcs for the utftab and source. The source and tools were invaluable in the development of CPK and ACB support.
Infernus Animositas for the ACB/AWB testing and feedback.
bxaimc for the External Renamer idea (...better late than never).
by TabuuAkugun at 8:36 PM EDT on August 16, 2015
The one ACB I wanted to rip from doesn't work.

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