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by Mygoshi at 11:15 PM EDT on August 16, 2015
@snakemeat : Do you have an area when I can send you a PM please ?
by TabuuAkugun at 2:49 AM EDT on August 17, 2015
False alarm. The ACB I wanted to extract had a AWB inside with more than one file type inside. It's good.
by snakemeat at 5:13 AM EDT on August 17, 2015
@Mygoshi try xentax
by snakemeat at 5:21 PM EDT on September 13, 2015
Here's a quick update that has additonal Wii Mobiclip support and support for taggging the VGM v1.71 files.
by hcs at 5:40 PM EDT on September 13, 2015
IPFS mirror: vgmtoolbox_bin_r1009.7z
by Alpha23 at 11:14 AM EDT on October 1, 2015
Is there an Apple *.mov demuxer planned? I've encountered several games from the 90s that use mov as their native video codec. I have examples if you need any.
by 47iscool at 12:18 PM EDT on October 1, 2015
r1009 won't demultiplex pss.
by snakemeat at 8:56 AM EDT on October 5, 2015
Can you share a PSS sample that doesn't work?
VGMToolbox r1012 by snakemeat at 11:34 PM EDT on October 21, 2015
VGMToolbox has been updated, grab it at Sourceforge.

*** VGMToolbox r1012 (2015-10-21)

-= NEW =-
[PSF MAKER] Add Mark Grass v4.2.2 driver.

[CRI ACB/AWB EXTRACTOR] Update to extract to subfolders for each type of archive (ACB, AWB) since some pairs have data in each file.

- Update Mobiclip Wii support to better handle audio. Only files with PCM audio can be verified since a Mobiclip audio player doesn't exist.
- Update Bink 2 demultiplexing for KB2a - KB2h magic bytes.

-= FIXED =-
[VGM TAGGER] Fixed to handle v1.71 and above files. Fixed some bad code on my part, so new VGM versions should not require updates to VGMToolbox.

-= THANKS =-
Mark Grass for the updated driver.
Infernus Animositas for the ACB testing and feedback.
AlphaTwentyThree for Bink 2 testing.
by Squaresoft74 at 9:33 PM EDT on October 23, 2015
Thanks for the update ! :)

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