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by dissident93 at 2:29 PM EDT on June 7, 2012
by soneek at 4:12 PM EDT on June 7, 2012
Will presets be added for the POS maker in the near future? I just have no idea how to get the loop points out of XMA. :P
by TheUltimateKoopa at 6:03 PM EDT on June 7, 2012
XMA has loop points?

I thought XMA was basically WMA (Windows Media Format) just with an 'X' instead of a 'W', and was basically some kind of red-book audio type thing like MP3s with no looping info whatsoever.
by bxaimc at 10:05 PM EDT on June 7, 2012
nah. the riff header can contain loop info, freq, block size, file size, etc. its not always a roff header but the standard is.
VGMToolbox r870 by snakemeat at 10:29 AM EDT on June 18, 2012
VGMToolbox r870 has been released. Grab it at Sourceforge.

-= NEW =-
[MPEG DEMULTIPLEXER] Add support for Racjin/Racdym .DSI PS2 movies (found in Full Metal Alchemist series and Busin series). Output is .m2v and Sony ADPCM.

- Add drag-and-drop functionality for loading files into the tagger.
- Add checkboxes to tag fields, so any combination of tags may be edited, whether tagging 1 or many files.
- Update to allow for dynamic header sizes for v1.51 or greater, per spec.

[XSF TAGGER] Add drag-and-drop functionality for loading files into the tagger.

[GENH CREATOR] Add drag-and-drop functionality for loading files.

[POS FILE MAKER] Add method to search for text/hex bytes and use as a base offset for loops.

-= FIXED =-
[POS FILE MAKER] Calculation was not being performed on the second radio button type in the loop generation sections.

-= THANKS =-
Thanks to dissident93 for testing the VGM Tagger updates.
VGMToolbox r879 by snakemeat at 2:03 PM EDT on June 29, 2012
VGMToolbox r879 has been released. Grab it at Sourceforge.

-= NEW =-
[VIDEO DEMULTIPLEXER] Add support for Bink Video (BIK) files. At this time, RAD Video Tools (binkplay.exe) does not seem to support files containing only one audio stream (and no video stream). Also, when no video stream is present, the last audio stream does not seem to play (try experimenting with "Advanced play" to observe this behavior).

Use the RAD Video Tools "Convert a file" tool (binkconv.exe) to output the audio to a WAV file. It seems to function properly for all streams.

-= THANKS =-
Thanks to Timo for all the help with BIK testing, etc...

edited 2:04 PM EDT June 29, 2012
by Benjamin at 5:51 AM EDT on July 12, 2012
I'm sorry for posting this post, but anyways, how do you rip RWAV's in VGMToolbox? I'm using Wine and got VGMToolbox to run, i just need to know how to extract RWAVs... Most specifically, NSMBWII? (I'd post it on the NSMBWII topic I made, but the last post wasn't in probably 2 months and I don't want to bump)
by soneek at 2:45 PM EDT on July 12, 2012
In the menu of options in VGMToolBox, Misc. Tools -> Extraction Tools -> Generic ->Advanced Cutter/Offset Finder.

In the Presets box, you can get the RWAV values from there, and then load it. After you drag your brsar archive into the Files to Search box, it'll spit out any RWAVs it finds.
VGMToolbox r895 by snakemeat at 12:23 AM EDT on August 11, 2012
VGMToolbox r895 has been released. Grab it at Sourceforge.

As always, the latest source can be found here.

-= NEW =-
- Add tool to automate XMAsh > ToWav > SoX (for creating multi-channel WAVs). Allows for drag and drop XMA to WAV for formats supported by XMAsh.
- At this time vgmstream does not appear to support .POS files with multi-channel WAVs, so I'll look into that as time allows.
- SoX does not like input files with different sample rates, so the multi-channel WAV builder may need to be built from scratch in a future revision.

- Add Electronic Arts VP6 movie demultiplexing.
- Add ASF/WMV demultiplexing. For now, only raw stream extraction is supported. Rebuilding data into ASF containers is not yet supported.
- Updated THP demultiplexer to parse multi-channel audio files (multi-language). Some THP files have multiple audio blocks per frame. This splits each one into its own track.

-= FIXED =-
[GENH EDITOR] Updated to load Nintendo DSP coef offsets for files to be edited.

-= THANKS =-
Thanks to the MultiMedia Wiki for all of the valuable info about so many formats!
Thanks to Timo for EX VP6 demultiplexing testing and samples.
Thanks to hcs for XMAsh (and the -o output option he added long ago)
by agu fungus at 10:46 AM EDT on August 11, 2012
^ Does it fix the problem with Sonic colors (ending track is unplayable as 2SF)?

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