Xenosaga II and FFIV: The After Years by Rti at 12:45 PM EDT on October 18, 2011
Hello, I am wondering if anyone has the PSF2s/any other applicable streaming formats or such for Xenosaga II. Every link I found to them is dead now unfortunately.

Also, I know this one is a long shot but anyone got the sequences/streams for Final Fantasy IV The After Years WiiWare? Thanks.

EDIT. Located some ADX files for Xenosaga II. Will update here as I find them for anyone else looking.
Xenosaga Episode II Shinji Hosoe The Durandal.adx http://www.mediafire.com/?lkbxbyxo8i1pvwi
Xenosaga Episode II - Shinji Hosoe - Old Miltia (14 Years Ago).adx www.mediafire.com/?db5rw5d9jtfvtg3
Xenosaga Episode II Shinji Hosoe Subconscious Domain (Sakura's World).adxhttp://www.mediafire.com/?nc7pn1ferb84bf5

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by bxaimc at 9:06 PM EDT on October 18, 2011
Those are all my Xeno II tracks (I know they are mine because I'm the only fool that names custom tracks like that). They're not the original stuff because I just made those ADXs using recordings of the game since the real versions are actually sequences that are unplayable (sadly). Now, some of the tracks are streamed but it's only a handful (maybe around 7?) which includes some battle themes. Those are official ADX but they're sampled at 48khz vs my own 44khz creations. PSF2 is possible for Xeno II but it's not gonna work in terms like being able to listen to it correctly. The driver sucks and because of that all you get are tracks that will eat up your CPU power and play back a song with missing instruments and garbage (believe me, I made a PSF2 set of it).

Now, for FFIV TAY, that's sequenced. Unplayable until someone develops a sequence format like PSF for us to compile the seqs, banks, and drivers together.

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by ECO ZEPHYR at 5:00 PM EDT on August 2, 2020
@bxaimc, do you still have your PSF2 set for Xenosaga Episode II? I have been spending most of my weekend trying to analyze how XSE2 stores its music, and you seem to know the most out of anyone on this board about this particular game.

Is the process for ripping sequence data from XSE2 easily approachable for a beginner? I was able to sift through the disc files and find numerous ADX files, which consisted mostly of dialogue, sound effects, and battle music like you said. Though I realize drivers for PS2 sequence ripping/playing still leave much to be desired, I'm willing to spend my time to help out and troubleshoot. Hopefully I can assist in cracking the code to this game within the current decade :)
by Habanero at 2:04 AM EDT on August 17, 2020
I'm also interested in any progress towards this.
Xenosaga 2 PSF2 set by lordskylark at 3:15 AM EDT on August 26, 2020
Here is an imperfect version of a PSF2 set for Xenosaga 2. I can't remember where this came from, but it might be that of @bxaimc


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