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.SBS and .SBR files in NBA Jam (Wii) by Toad King at 5:37 PM EDT on April 24, 2012
I've been looking around at this format and I've gotten enough of the .SBR file (the soundbank) figured out to extract streams from the .SBS file (the streams). The only problem is there are no headers on the streams other than eight bytes, but I cannot figure out what they stand for.

An XML file left lying around on the disk says that the streams are 32000 Hz, using a variable bitrate quality of 80, and the compression type is "xas_int".

Here's some sample streams I've extracted:

And here's my work on the .SBR file so far:

Any help will be appreciated.
by Apollo at 8:56 AM EDT on April 25, 2012
Given it is EA game, it looks like xas stream indeed with the typical variating block method much like that used in EA's xma, as for variable bit rate setting, thats probably a preset value but in case of xas it has no meaning.
by Toad King at 2:11 PM EDT on April 25, 2012
Yeah, I assume the variable bitrate quality was some deployment thing left on the disc. Do you know of any tools that might be able to convert the xas streams into something usable?
by Apollo at 5:24 AM EDT on April 28, 2012
Well, towav can using the deadspace SNU header, it is common that other file holds the stream info, likely it resides in the SBR if SNS is the actual stream, can't tell since not have the other file to take look at.

towav wont probably decode if the stream info is incorrect.

in simple terms, all needed to do is find the stream info in other file and turn it to dead space like header and put in start of the stream and decode and sadly vgmstream has no xas adpcm support to date AFAIK and bit rate preset is only used with EALAYER3 encoding, may use both formats in EA games.
by Apollo at 5:59 AM EDT on April 28, 2012
More on XAS streams in EA games:
by Toad King at 10:03 AM EDT on April 28, 2012
Thank you! I was able to get a correct SNU header on it and inital tests show it's extracting correctly.

Do you have any more info on the SNU header? I would like to know where to look if I run into errors extracting the rest of these files.
by Apollo at 3:06 AM EDT on April 29, 2012
Well, I do not understand what the first 16 bytes in snu header mean (possibly deadspace specific) but the remaining 16 are the key ones before stream data in my experience.

byte 0 codec type
2 = no compression
5 = EALayer3 MPEG Layer 3
6 = EALayer3 variant 2
7 = EALayer3 variant 3
14= XAS Variant, no proper decoder.
15= Alternate EALayer3

byte 1 related to channel count. Seems to be set to
(channel count - 1) * 4 so 0 = mono, 4 = stereo,
0xC = 4 channels and 0x14 = 5.1 (i.e. 6 channels)
bytes 2-3 sample rate
bytes 4-7 total samples
bytes 8-11 total file size (bytes)
bytes 12-16 total samples

but it does differ in this case after sample rate.

This information of the stream should usually be in the other file to alter accordingly by it.
by Toad King at 6:20 AM EDT on April 29, 2012
Thanks for that, I've gotten the soundbanks pretty much completely understood now. It seems bytes 0x14 - 0x17 might be the number of samples like you said, but the high byte for it is always 0x40 for some reason. I also don't know if byte 0x08 should be set to 0x20, but that gets it working with ToWav at least.
by cristobital at 5:35 PM EDT on June 18, 2012
hi, great job! have long sought this. I want to explore the sbs EA SPORTS FIFA 12. sbs_extractor tool available?? Please any help ... would be great
by Toad King at 4:12 AM EDT on July 15, 2012
Hey cristobital, I got your email. However, the audio banks in FIFA might be harder to crack. They seem to use a different codec for them. The codec ID byte is 0x19 (25), and Apollo's post doesn't have any codec listing for that. Actually examining the format and making a decoder is probably beyond my abilities.

Here are some samples if anyone wants to take a shot at it:

edited 4:13 AM EDT July 15, 2012

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