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by cristobital at 2:32 PM EDT on August 14, 2012
Ok, so sorry, I read a lot and this seems a mission impossible.

Thank you very much for trying, I thought your sbs_extractor was the solution. I will continue looking until you edit the audio fifa.

by Apollo at 3:22 AM EDT on August 29, 2012
Yeah its some new thing again, EA has horrible habit of this and often variants with new ID are just edits of previous but enough significant so existing decoders are made worthless. The raw data looks very dense so doesn't seem their XAS adpcm to me and there is only mildly FF padding signs of ealayer3 yet character distribution wise potentially ealayer3 variant or any such heavy compress format, either way 0x19 is potentially anything, if header obeys previous setups its a mono sound at 32khz, got any larger example files, I can pass them on for other ppl to look at.

edited 4:09 AM EDT August 29, 2012
by Toad King at 2:39 PM EDT on October 3, 2012
Here are some larger samples:

Note that the first 12 bytes of the files are guessed, and not included in the metadata I was able to extract. I added it for padding (plus 0x20 at offset 8 because towav.exe expects it) so it conforms with the previous .sns files I've created with other codecs.

edited 2:49 PM EDT October 3, 2012
by Apollo at 7:48 AM EDT on October 20, 2012
Atleast it seems these are plain RAM chunks and not the streamed type dead space snu's were so chances of towav working would be none anyway despite codec change.

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