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by henke37 at 8:25 PM EST on January 24, 2015
Something seems to be up with Space Invaders Extreme 2. For example, the drums in the main menu theme are replaced with a beep.
by CyberBotX at 3:45 PM EST on January 30, 2015
I wasn't able to look into it until now because I was out of town, but after looking things over, it seems that something in the bank and wave archive stripping has broken that particular file. I'll have to do some research as to why that happened.
by CyberBotX at 6:30 PM EST on January 31, 2015
So, I did narrow down where the problem was. I was not handling the implicit patch 0 that is the default for a sequence. The result was that patch 0 would get stripped out if it wasn't explicitly used in any sequences. I'll be pushing the fix to my git shortly, but I won't have a new compiled version up until I work on some of the larger updates I've got. In the meantime, if anyone runs into the problem, they will have to compile the program themselves.
by henke37 at 10:39 PM EST on February 1, 2015
I am getting a crash in the converter when using WarioWare touched.
by CyberBotX at 8:04 AM EST on February 2, 2015
Well, that one is a silly problem I caused. Part of the code that determines if a bank's wave archives need stripping was setting a bank to 65535 (0xFFFF), but then it wasn't checking if it was set to that when adding the wave archives to the list of them. I've fixed the crash, but considering how many sequences are in WarioWare Touched, I haven't checked which files were causing it and if they still play correctly. In any case, I've updated the code on GitHub with the fix.
by henke37 at 1:01 AM EST on February 9, 2015
Do you think that you could add stream extraction to the converter?

I think that it would greatly reduce user error due to people missing games using streams for just a couple of tracks.

It's an easy thing to overlook given that streams aren't too common and never reported by the tool.

I know that there are other tools out there that can do the job, but having the tool do it too makes the task easier.
by CyberBotX at 6:24 AM EST on February 9, 2015
That is currently on my plate, which is why I've yet to put out another actual update.
by henke37 at 12:43 AM EDT on May 21, 2015
Say, have you considered writing a shell extension to expose the metadata to the windows shell?

I love the shell extension I have for nds files, I get to see the icons.
by CyberBotX at 4:23 AM EDT on May 21, 2015
I have not thought about that. If you could point me at said shell extension for NDS files, I could probably look into it, assuming that the code for that is actually available. If not, I could add it to the list, but I'm not sure when I'd get around to it.
by henke37 at 4:46 AM EDT on May 21, 2015
There are several such extensions. I've sadly lost track of which one I am using. You would have as much luck as I'd have googling for one.

What I can offer is a guide on how to make a shell extension and a detailed one for properties.

edited 10:07 AM EDT May 21, 2015

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