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NSMBU backgrounds by sonic1000 at 7:26 AM EDT on May 21, 2015
Does anyone know the name of the file for the Acorn Plains background in NSMBU?
by Hiccup at 7:33 AM EDT on May 26, 2015
DV = Distant View (aka Background)
by soneek at 10:42 PM EDT on May 28, 2015
I'm looking into the MK8 bfsar, and I'm noticing the correct volume settings for each track in a song. I'm working on a custom vgmstream build to incorporate volume settings from Nintendo songs, and also to output different tracks from these files (one track can be 1 or 2 channels), so I'll test some stuff out and post results later.

I may end up writing a script to inject this info inside the actual bfstms, so vgmstream can read everything from there. I cannot do this for the DLC music though, since an updated bfsar is not available from the update files, and is purchase locked/unobtainable at this time.

This will only be useful for songs with multiple tracks.
by Kurausukun at 12:27 AM EDT on May 29, 2015
Ooh, nice work.

By the way, I know I've bugged you about this before, but are converters from .wav to b(c/f)stm or nus3bank (or even hps for that matter) in any sort of state to be released soon? It's kind of inconvenient not to have them.

Actually the one I'm most interested in for the moment would be a wav-> looped hps converter since I've always wanted to hack Melee's music, even just for fun. The other formats aren't really a priority since modding on 3DS/Wii U isn't really widely doable yet.
by soneek at 12:46 AM EDT on May 29, 2015
I can release my mod of Revolution B later, that generate brstms, bcstms, and bfstms from up to 12 dsp files, along with a script to build them from wav files. You'll need to get dspadpcm.exe on your own though.

I have more work to do on it though now that I know mono tracks can be thrown in anywhere, and it's not always stereo tracks preceding everything.

I didn't add hps yet (doable since I perfected it on BCM), or nus3bank. I can do the new IDSP type, and then we'd need a tool to inject it into an nus3bank. I could use help with that though for nus3banks with more than one stream.

Here's what I mentioned regarding track volumes.

Pan of 64 is centered, and take (volume/127) squared to get the volume percentage.

Edit: Eh, squaring the percentage works for the sound banks, but don't square for the streams.

Now to inject these into the actual files so vgmstream can read them. I'm doing something similar for brstm and bcstm files that already contain track info inside the stream.

edited 7:23 AM EDT May 29, 2015

edited 7:49 AM EDT May 29, 2015
by Kurausukun at 11:12 AM EDT on May 29, 2015
Wow, thanks a lot for that. I can finally make my multi-channel MK8 files sound correct.
by TheUltimateKoopa at 11:35 AM EDT on May 29, 2015
Someone should update the BRSTMs on the site for it.

I do have a question though.

When you've managed to add them to vgmstream to read them, they'll be playing at the correct volumes automatically, relatively, right?

I'm saying relatively, so that if a BRSTM was actually too quiet (i.e. below the threshold of being automatically rejected), then the volumes will be the same relative to each other, when amplifying the entire thing as a whole? I.e. if a frontrunning beat has a volume of 113, it will always be 113/127ths of the volume?
by soneek at 12:24 PM EDT on May 29, 2015
@TUK: Correct. You should be able to downmix channels without any extra modifcation (after vgmstream outputs them with relative volume). You may just have to center some mono tracks, i.e. something like Music Park's instruments and metronome.
by Kurausukun at 12:46 PM EDT on May 29, 2015
If only we had a tool like BrawlBox that we could use for bcsars and bfsars. IIRC the code for BrawlBox is pretty messy right now, so I don't expect anything, but it would be super useful.
by TheUltimateKoopa at 1:03 PM EDT on May 29, 2015
With the mono tracks, like Music Park's instruments, I used to duplicate the track and set them to left and right audio. If you simply take a mono track, and merge it with a stereo track, this also does the same thing.

However, what some people are doing wrong, is making a mono track a two-channel track, but not making it stereo. Therefore, they're having a mono + mono track, which equals louder mono track.
Hence why my BRSTM of DS Tick Tock Clock Final Lap Frontrunning sounds awful. At least that's what I think happened.

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