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by AnonRunzes at 8:10 PM EDT on July 6, 2016
And because you aren't entirely familiar with the MIPS disassembly, are you at least able to study it?
by punk7890-2 at 8:42 PM EDT on July 6, 2016
@jackoalan What I was meaning is that it renders the wrong instruments/group in amuserender-win64 but plays the correct instruments in amuseplay-win64 (minus ADSR issues). For instance, song 91 is group 03. That plays fine in amuseplay, but not render.

edited 8:42 PM EDT July 6, 2016
by starerik at 11:19 PM EDT on July 6, 2016
@jackoalan The Star Fox Adventures songs are 100% dry, is there something that must be done to activate the reverb?

Also, some are mono while stereo in-game.

edited 11:24 PM EDT July 6, 2016
by jackoalan at 11:45 PM EDT on July 6, 2016
I wouldn't say they're 100% dry, just not as heavy on the effect as the game configures it.

I haven't yet been able to find the code in the MusyX library that sets it, so i've just set the parameters manually:

The mix is pretty light at 30%, i'll raise it to a value that sounds closer when i have more material to compare to. It rather tricky to set, cause overpowering resonance can occur if you're not careful.
by starerik at 11:59 PM EDT on July 6, 2016
Not sure the mix needs to be higher, but the time could be longer. For Star Fox it's about 3 seconds for some of the songs. But I'm thinking the parameters are written somewhere for each song.
by antidote at 2:36 PM EDT on July 7, 2016
I added support for Paper Mario TTYD's slib and stbl, and they'll be available in the next release.
by jackoalan at 3:53 PM EDT on July 7, 2016
Alright, uploaded v1.10 with TTYD MIDI sequence loading and a SetupID prompt in `amuserender` so the instrument bank may be properly selected.
by jackoalan at 1:55 AM EDT on July 15, 2016
Just released v1.11

This one completely overhauls the mixing, adding support for full 3-way studio mixing:

Reverb and Chorus parameters are set according to the default studio present in all MusyX implementations:

AuxA (ReverbStd):

AuxB (Chorus):
N64 Rogue Midi Ids by SubDrag at 7:15 AM EDT on July 15, 2016
I worked on getting the N64 midi ids. Here's a list of what I found from breakpointing:

There are a couple missing, but this is most of them. I'm not sure when it plays kasan1.sng, or some of the others. As a general rule, each level all uses the same midi id, and they increment by 1 per level, and stuff like jingles and actions seems like can be played by any midi id. I imagine the midi ids not used (besides the couple sngs missed) are for sound effects. All the cuts use 1E.

logo1 00
hangar1/hangar2 03:03
title 02:02
silent02 16:16
jingle01,jingle02,jingle03,jingle08,cut_jing1SNG,c1l1_theme,c1l1_spc,c1l1_prob1,silent02b1,action01b 04,04,04,16,17
c1l2_cut1 1E
c1l2_theme,c1l2_spc01,action01 05
c1l3_cut1 1E
c1l3_theme,c1l3_spc01,action02 06
c1l4_cut1 1E
c1l4_theme,action01,action04 07
cut_seq1,cut_seq5 1E
c1l5_theme,c1l5_act01 08
c2l1_cut1 1E
c2l1_theme,silent01,action01,action02 09
c2l2_theme,action01,action02,action04 0A
cut_seq4 1E
c2l3theme,action04,action06 0B
cut_seq6 1E
c2l5theme,action02 0C
c1l4_theme,action1,action1b 07
c3l1_theme 0D
c3l2_theme,silent02,action04 0E
c1l5_theme,c1l5_act01,action06 08
c2l2_theme 0A
c3l4_theme 0F
c3l5_theme,imperial 10
c4l1_cut1 1E
c1l3_spc01,c1l4_theme,action02 07
roguetitle 01
c5l1_start,c5l1_1,c5l1_2,c5l1_3 12
c5l2_theme,c5l3_theme,action05 13
c3l2_theme,c3l5_spc01,c5l3_theme,silent01 0E
credits 20

(after mission failure)c2l5_theme,jingle01,jingle02,jingle03 1D

edited 7:23 AM EDT July 15, 2016
by hcs at 2:47 PM EDT on July 15, 2016
SubDrag, in case you're not already using the cutscene viewer & sound test: DIRECTOR and MAESTRO on the passcodes screen

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