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by dkbk64 at 9:39 PM EST on January 19, 2015
Would you mind doing Star Fox Adventures?

I know the Dinosaur Planet midis have already been ripped (N64 format from a prototype), but there are a few songs from the final version that I'd like to recreate/hear in 44khz.

Just a request... I appreciate the work you've put into this. Especially Mario Golf with it's terrible indexing (or lack thereof).
by RebeccaSugar at 11:11 AM EST on January 20, 2015
Running these midi's under the megadrive sound-font is pretty fun, hell- running them under ANY sound-font is fun, some actually sound authentic under the MD sf
by alimu at 4:18 AM EST on January 21, 2015
Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it.

edited 9:26 AM EST January 21, 2015
by Yoshinkeru at 8:55 AM EST on January 22, 2015
So wait, this is another GameCube sequence format? 'Cause I'm still waiting for Animal Crossing (I grabbed the USFs of Animal Forest, but for some reason some tracks are different) and WarioWare Inc.: Mega Party Game$, and if I'm right, those use a sequenced format. (At first I thought it was the BMS that was cracked some time ago)
by dkbk64 at 10:49 AM EST on January 22, 2015
@Yoshinkeru WarioWare uses Factor 5's MusyX, and I'm pretty sure Animal Crossing uses Nintendo EAD's BMS format.
by dkbk64 at 11:26 AM EST on January 22, 2015
Hmm. Guess I was wrong about Animal Crossing. It seems to use Nintendo EAD's N64 "m64" format... Sorry about that.
by Yoshinkeru at 2:00 PM EST on January 22, 2015
@dkbk64 So that's it, eh? Well, I guess that makes sense, too, 'cause like I said, when I asked for Animal Crossing, someone pointed me to the already ripped Animal Forest (N64). But also as I said, some tracks are different: in fact, the one I know for sure is different is one of my favorite tracks, K.K. Ballad (both live and aircheck versions); for some reason, the melody is changed. That's why I'm still waiting for the GameCube Animal Crossing rip.
by dkbk64 at 2:22 PM EST on January 22, 2015
@Yoshinkeru Theoretically speaking, you may be able to insert the Gamecube sequences into the N64 ROM. You might have a problem with CRCs, though.
by soneek at 9:35 PM EST on January 27, 2015
Star Fox Adventures has a slightly different format for its MIDIs. I'll probably do more research on it after this semester.

So, I just realized that the GC version of Mario Power Tennis uses MusyX as well. I never bothered to check before since the Wii version is streamed. MIDIs coming later.

Midis by gbp148 at 12:53 PM EST on January 28, 2015
@soneek You're really great soneek! Have you tested Pokemon XD? If it uses MusyX it would be perfect to have the midis. Cheers!

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