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by Mouser X at 1:33 PM EDT on October 8, 2017
I've mentioned JoshW's VGM archive before. Please visit it more frequently. If you do a search for budokai (see here), you will note that the game was ripped from the PS2, and based on the file size, it's streamed. While it isn't the Gamecube version, it's very unlikely that the GC version is going to be sequenced (to get sound fonts from the games themselves, they have to be at least partially sequenced). In other words, it's very unlikely that you'll be able to extract any instruments from this game.

Also, the FPS that Dolphin gets on your system has virtually nothing to do with the tools necessary to rip video game audio. You don't run the game at all. Within Dolphin, there's a way to view the internal file structure of the GC's ISO disc. It's been years since I used Dolphin, so I don't remember what menu it's under, but if Dolphin will load on your PC at all (you don't even need to open a GC image), you can extract files from GC images ( <-- that will require loading the GC image file, but it will *not* require running the game). However, I would recommend using VGMtoolbox (You can find it on this forum, or with Google. I don't know if it runs under Vista though), as that is a much more versatile tool, with a lot more features, and it might even be easier to use. Once you can see the internal directory structure of the ISO files (PS2, GC, X360, etc.), the only "hard" part is knowing where to look, and what to look for. There's usually a "sound", "audio", or "music" folder (or something like it) that contains music. If, within that folder, the files are really small, they're probably sequenced. If they're really big, they're probably streamed.

Anyway, check out the JoshW archive next time, when looking for a game's audio. If it's not there, then feel free to ask. Otherwise, it feels like you're ignoring extremely useful information, which makes me less interested in answering questions. Mouser X over and out.
by Zetto Kuzuuya at 9:55 AM EDT on October 14, 2017
Ah, though what I don't understand is that Super Mario Sunshine is one there, yet it is commonly known that a soundfnt and instrument samples exist and have been ripped. What's up with that? Why is that on there if it can be ripped?
by Zetto Kuzuuya at 10:04 AM EDT on October 14, 2017
Also, what about Soul Calibur 2 for the gamecube? I wasn't able to find it in the list, so does that mean I could rip instruments from it?
by mariofan12ify at 10:27 AM EDT on October 14, 2017
@Zetto Kuzuuya
The music for that is streamed, so I don't think ripping instruments from it would be possible.
by Nisto at 4:25 PM EDT on March 16, 2018
@antidote / jackoalan: can you look into fixing amuse for RE0? Both amuseplay and amuserender crashes when playing "bgm_0a".
by antidote at 10:26 PM EDT on July 17, 2018
Jack recently started working on our editor for Amuse, and we discovered that we were missing an entire command, this may be why some game audio crashed amuseplay/render, we'll be releasing an updated version soon
by mich-al0 at 6:06 PM EDT on August 28, 2018
The same situation I have with Star Fox Adventures, crashes after a second of playing the song in amuseplay for example

And I have a question with amuseconv, what kind of "<data-file>" is the one that I have to import into the program? I try to convert something with the files but it always comes out "[0.0045 ERROR amuseconv] unrecognized format: EXTRACT"

EDIT: I have tried amuserender, and I noticed that the pitch when trying to transport to a note, is passed as a +100cents

EDIT2: Some samples has much release and some bugs that it ruins the experience a bit :/ (Example)

EDIT3: I think also for the "3D positional audio and surround-output capabilities", let's say that the input is in 5.1 (Left / Center / Right / Leftsurround / Rightsurround and Low Frequency Effects), but the rendering does it in only stereo (Left / Center / Right) (the information of Ls, Rs and LFE don't render because wav files dont support multichannel), that causes it to lose significant information (It shows in certain instruments as orchestral harps where the attack of the sample doesn't exist). Perhaps you can use FLAC for 5.1 support on render audio.

But outside of that the sound quality increased much more than the one heard on the console itself <3

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by Zetto Kuzuuya at 6:47 PM EDT on August 29, 2018
Wait, does this stuff mean we can actually extract stuff from streamed games like Dragon ball z budokai?
by mich-al0 at 6:47 PM EDT on August 31, 2018
By the way, I do not know if anyone has noticed that some time ago Hugo Peters re-upload his MusyX Player!KhNw2JCS!xlPJ6G2awN0FlOWGmXooF9Hbo8TnYgEIU3tecLBv9kg

EDIT: I have already managed to convert the .son of SFA (Not all because there are some .son that make the program crash), and as for sound bank, I used the one of this page [dinosaur planet sf2] ( and in many patches it fits.

EDIT2: I already realized that the big "release" is actually a bug of the amuse converter in the sequences.

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by jackoalan at 8:28 PM EDT on September 3, 2018
Apologies for the lack of updates, but I have a fairly major one ready to go!

The most noteworthy addition is a GUI editor for MusyX groups. In addition to providing granular parameter editing, it's also a convenient application for simply browsing and listening to the audio.

amuserender has also been updated with a -c option for rendering multichannel songs. For instance, `amuserender midi.wad -c 8` will produce a 7.1 .wav file that will map to your system's outputs in VLC or Windows Media Player.
Song21 in SFA is a good test of this where the sound starts in the rear channels and gradually spans to the center speaker.

Windows build only for now, I'll make a macOS one when I have the time.

Also, only GameCube groups are officially supported for the time being. I haven't had a chance to test for breakage in N64 groups.

EDIT: For anyone experiencing odd audio rendering bugs or crashes with the old amuse programs, please try these new versions. Bolting a GUI onto Amuse exposed tons of issues that I fixed as they came up. I'm certain that the rendering accuracy and stability is much improved :)

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