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by Feldspar at 2:33 AM EDT on April 23, 2015
nintendo puzzle collection
panepon.samp etc...
not found .sdir files
How do I extract?
by RebeccaSugar at 2:37 AM EDT on April 23, 2015
Nisto, would it be alright for me to re-upload this to MEGA after you've deleted it so other people could get in on it?
by Nisto at 3:26 AM EDT on April 23, 2015
Yes, sure Rebecca.

@Feldspar: I would have to have access to the game files to even get an idea of where the .sdir files are stored. In the case of Pokemon Colosseum for example, they're in common.fsys - not the most obvious.

edited 8:37 AM EDT April 23, 2015
by Darkabomination at 6:07 PM EDT on April 25, 2015
So are these rips of the music tracks in hd?
Whatever the case, I love XD and Col very, very much, so having any better music or tools to work with them would be awesome. Looking forward to a reupload.
by FerozElMejor at 11:34 PM EDT on April 27, 2015
How about the voices of F-Zero GX?

I really like got it!
by alimu at 3:09 AM EDT on April 28, 2015
I'm currently working on soundfonts for Colosseum, will upload them when I'm done.
by dj4uk6cjm at 3:48 AM EDT on April 28, 2015
I'm curious, are you making soundfonts using the samples from Pokemon Colosseum or something else? Pretty cool either way. :3

Any work on the Metroid Prime music lately? I would like to get some samples and loop them if possible.
by soneek at 7:00 AM EDT on April 28, 2015
@alimu Use this ripped soundfont as a reference for the proper note regions. I ripped this months ago, but never got the drums working. The other instruments should be right with note regions though. I didn't get around to enveloping.
by alimu at 7:08 AM EDT on April 28, 2015
@soneek Thanks! I was actually listening to the music and seeing the places of the notes using the midis you ripped. You made it a lot easier :) @dj4uk6cjm Yes, I'm using the samples to create sf2 files. :)
by Darkabomination at 1:15 PM EDT on April 28, 2015
Hurray, so glad a workable soundfont will come out of this. Thanks to being blind, vst's just will not work for me, so always happy to get fonts.
If only Genesis sets were possible, I'd be in bliss, but apparently not.

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