PSF Upgrade Utility by MarkGrass at 10:41 PM EDT on October 11, 2015
It recently came to my attention that one (or more) of my old drivers is bugged.

This utility will fix that by upgrading the PSF to use the newest driver.

It's super easy to use and actually works with any PSF, even if it wasn't created with any of my previous drivers (note: must use standard SDK data types -- SEQ, VH and VB)


PSF Driver Upgrade Utility

(c) 2015 MarkGrass

This utility updates old PSF files to use my current generic sequence driver (v4.2.1)

This utility is compatible with any PSF file, even if it wasn't originally created with any of my previous drivers, but only if standard Sony SDK format data is used:


Commandline usage is not necessary!

You may simply select any amount of PSF files in a folder with your mouse and "Drag & Drop" them onto the "PSFUpgrade.exe" executable file. However, this application presumes the following:

SEQ data is located at 0x800A0000
VH data is located at 0x800E0000
VB data is located at 0x80160000

If any data is not located in these addresses, you must use commandline parameters.


The following commandline parameters are not case sensitive and may be called in any order:

SEQ <ADDRESS>        ADDRESS must be in hexdecimal format
VH <ADDRESS>        ADDRESS must be in hexdecimal format
VB <ADDRESS>        ADDRESS must be in hexdecimal format

A few examples:

psfupgrade seq 0x80040000 "C:\My Folder\song.psf"
psfupgrade vh 0x80090000 seq 0x80040000 "C:\My Folder\song.psf"

edited 11:03 PM EDT October 11, 2015
by kode54 at 2:48 AM EDT on October 12, 2015
Option to support minipsf sets? Whoever ripped the Rayman set, for instance, split the set up so that redundant VH/VB blocks are in their own PSFLIB files.

Of course, there are so few files in the set, it could be easier to just upgrade the whole lot by hand. Or at least mass convert them from minipsf/psflib to .EXE first.

Converting FROM minipsf/psflib shouldn't be hard, it'd just be converting back TO it, which should be left as an exercise to the ripper.
by hcs at 12:35 PM EDT on October 12, 2015
IPFS mirror: PSFUpgrade_v1.7z
by MarkGrass at 1:36 PM EDT on October 13, 2015
No support for minipsf/psflib, though, it would be easy to add...

...but honestly, I don't believe that minipsf/psflib is worth the effort.

A couple reasons why:

1 - All songs that are dependent upon a single psflib are subject to using the same reverb, volume, etc attributes. No fun.

2 - It's 2015 and brand new 4tb HDDs sell for around $100. The purpose of being a "space saver" has long since expired.

You made me realize that I have to add support for duplicating the tag data, though; completely forgot about that.

Oh, and HCS, many thanks for the mirror! :)
by kode54 at 1:32 AM EDT on October 14, 2015
Actually, you could load multiple executables, but then we're talking one PSFLIB per song preset, and another per song. Not really worth it.
by Koto at 10:29 AM EST on December 5, 2015
Bumping this thread. I have used this utility with PSF sets like FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX or Alundra, and neither works.

I supossed SEQ, VH and VB are not located where it should, but I don't have any idea about these things. Help? Thanks in advance...

See ya
by Squaresoft74 at 11:45 AM EST on December 5, 2015
FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX aren't using pQES/pBAV format so it won't work.

But from memory, Alundra 1 is using pQES/pBAV.

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