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Streetpass Games Music? by ptto911 at 2:13 AM EST on February 27, 2016
I'm aware most of this is sequenced.

But is there any way to extract the music from Flower Town or other downloadable Streetpass games?

I would really like to hear that fading string part when you're going back into the shed after watering your plant, in its entirety.

by TheUltimateKoopa at 4:49 PM EST on February 27, 2016
I'd also like this. I do have the sequences for the other STreetpass Games (i.e. Puzzle Swap, and Find Mii (including II)), as well as the other stuff, but not the downloadable stuff.
by ptto911 at 9:23 PM EST on February 27, 2016
Ah, that's awesome!

Would you mind sharing the sequences?
In the original, or MIDI format?


edited 9:24 PM EST February 27, 2016
by icecream at 12:09 AM EST on February 28, 2016
I would appreciate it as well.
by robotortoise at 4:20 PM EDT on March 30, 2016
I think you'd have to find a way to dump DLC in games, unfortunately. There's a way to do it, but I'm not quite sure how....I think you have to be on a custom firmware or something.
by TheUltimateKoopa at 10:02 AM EDT on April 4, 2016!yRoGAZrJ!jPhw_wKlbO8OadP3e7Cnx9dpOaAYbGyPUjAL1J73iaY

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by icecream at 10:37 AM EDT on April 4, 2016
Thanks for the link! I'll download it when I get home in a few hours though so please don't take it down!

Do you know anything about the music in the other preinstalled 3DS apps (primarily AR Games and the Activity Log, maybe the eShop though I feel those songs are not in the system)? I hear some of the same instruments in the activity log tracks so maybe it uses sequences too?

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by HTW at 1:48 AM EDT on April 5, 2016
I've got a dump of the DLC (.cia format) but haven't been able to extract the music. It's doable, since TCRF found some unused Flower Town music, I'm just coming up short in my own attempts!

Would it be useful to anyone if I uploaded it?

Also, it wouldn't surprise me if the DLC music is in streams. Listen to the Plaza's music player, when you stop one of the core games' sequenced songs, the last notes decay. The DLC songs have a more complete envelope fade out. Also the .cia file size is notable.
by icecream at 8:21 AM EDT on April 5, 2016
I wish I could help you, but I don't know a damn thing about extracting DLC .CIAs. I know update .CIAs can be extracted using Decrypt9 but how would one go about extracting one for DLC? I want to know especially since I know they can be rebuilt.

As for uploading it, I think you can find it on what GBATemp calls "that one ISO site" (let me know if mentioning the site violates this forum's rules), so it would probably be unnecessary.

I had a feeling the DLC music was streamed, as while the regular music cuts off sometimes from playing too many sounds at once (to me at least), the DLC music never did so.

If the TCRF was able to decrypt it, how about asking them how they did so? I can't imagine that it violates any of their rules to at least ask.
by ptto911 at 4:56 PM EDT on April 16, 2016
Could you upload it anyway?
I'd love to try to see what I can do!
Thanks! :)

edited 11:54 PM EDT April 16, 2016

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