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re: by jurassicPieter at 9:05 AM EST on March 5, 2021
I am the one who made the rip you find on youtube on pieterjee's account many years ago. It was a line-in recording as emulating a wii was too slow back then.

From what I've remembered, I recorded it line-in by changing all RSEQ's that contained no music with 0xFF (end of track) in the data. As for the other ones:
- the channel intro is in the opening.bnr as channel.bns. It's not encoded so it plays just fine in vgmstream once extracted.
- The bunny day track were just line-in recording without a modified brsar and I have no idea where it is in the brsar. I set the town tune to empty and waited when there was a hour transition. It's a short track so it was easy to record and edit.
- The TV tracks were just line-in recordings. No idea how these tracks were made.
- The furniture music was just ripped as RWAV, except the Music Box. Could not find it either in the RSAR.
- the default town tune is constructed of lots of small RSEQ's that play a single note programmatically. same for the hourly tune in the city
by ArcticJaguar725 at 4:53 PM EST on March 5, 2021
FYI: For anybody who download the channel status document, I've detected a mistake for the rain and snow instances of 9:00 PM. The text document should be updated, and you should just be able to redownload it if you wish. I haven't had a chance to verify the city or museum tracks yet, and I haven't checked all of the snowy instances for the hourly music, but I'm fairly confident all instances of the normal/rainy hourly music are accurate now.

edited 4:55 PM EST March 5, 2021
by ArcticJaguar725 at 5:44 AM EST on March 6, 2021
Huh, so here's an interesting find. It seems that the sequence that plays when you're working for Tom Nook during early game (BGM_ARBEIT in the BRSAR) is missing a proper instrument mapping in its sequence data. The end result by default maps it to the first instrument in the bank, which is the shaker in this case. When you consider the higher pitched note it tries to play, it almost sounds like a static pop, and it just doesn't sound right at all.

So I went into a hex editor and threw in a channel identifier to what I believe it was intended to be, and it sounds better, albeit also quite different. I've uploaded the music dumps of the original/fixed sequence for anybody who wants to check them out and compare. In addition, here is the updated BRSAR for anybody interested in that as well.
by Chubby_Bub at 12:23 AM EST on March 8, 2021
Does that happen as a mistake when it plays in-game or just as an error when you play it in the sound viewer or rip it?
by ArcticJaguar725 at 4:22 AM EST on March 8, 2021
This seems to be an issue with the game itself. Every instance of the track that I've seen online contains that error, which even more leads me to believe it's a fault on Nintendo's end (especially when we have confirmation that some of those dumps were recorded line-in from the Wii). That's why I find this especially interesting and worthy of showcasing.
by Chubby_Bub at 9:32 PM EST on March 8, 2021
I'm sure there is one, but I'm not able to tell the difference. Where is it exactly?

Also, for jurassicPieter/PieJee1: were your recordings in game or in the sound viewer? If the former, then the issue with reverb shouldn't matter. I'm not sure about how line-in recordings work, but if the tracks are lossless(I know there's an mp3 download, is there wav or flac?) then only the few missing ones would need to be dumped, which would save the project a lot of time and effort.
by ArcticJaguar725 at 3:07 AM EST on March 9, 2021
There are four extra guitar notes total that play, which make the chords overall fuller.

About the other rips that I've seen: almost everything that I've encountered on YouTube seems to be panned in reverse for whatever reason. I'm also fairly confident that issue lies in those rips rather than on my end somehow. Additionally, even if there are FLACs somewhere, they're not technically lossless if they were recorded line-in. Line-in recordings tend to come with a lot of noise that usually results in more loss than a high quality mp3 conversion even in good conditions. It's not a big deal if it's being published for the masses, but it is a problem if you're looking for the highest quality possible.

Something else I encountered is (unless there's some weird issues with my emulator that I haven't uncovered,) it looks to me like some of the tracks don't have the reverb fx applied to them at all in game. This would mean that some of the dumps I had before are already correct and could be used instead. The issue is tracking down which tracks actually use the fx_send and which don't. I've done some searching through the BRSAR and with a hex editor to no avail, so it seems we might be back at square one in that regard. At minimum though, I know that the hourly music for sure has the reverb effects applied. Chances are you would only need to check a singular KK Slider and Aircheck tune to figure out the parameters for the other 70 something tracks. Those alone make up most of the rip (154/243 total BGM sequences).
by Chubby_Bub at 3:24 AM EDT on April 12, 2021
I'm going to look further into this soon, but for now I just want to mention that I recorded the city theme in-game without sound effects, then compared it with inversion to versions from the sound player with either the specified reverb parameters or none, and neither canceled it out. Unless I made a mistake, it might use something different.
by ArcticJaguar725 at 5:29 AM EDT on April 12, 2021
So I dumped the City Day Theme though both the game and the dvdroot with reverb fx applied and found them both to match perfectly (with exception to some pretty negligible bit rounding errors or something), so my guess is you either lined up the phase inversion poorly or didn't set the reverb parameters correctly. Can you post a screenshot of your parameters and/or upload your audio dumps?

I should mention that I made a mistake when setting the parameters in the screenshot. The 'pre delay time max' should be set to 0.05, not 0.01. Either way, I honestly doubt that particular field matters that much, so that probably isn't why it's not matching very well.

edited 5:30 AM EDT April 12, 2021
by Chubby_Bub at 3:53 PM EDT on April 12, 2021
I tried again and it still didn't work. I suspect I'm not doing the phase inversion right. Can you explain how to do it? If that still doesn't work I'll upload my audio and parameters.

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