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by Peppyman at 5:47 PM EDT on July 20, 2009
Yes it's not Bowser's battle theme it is the variation where he is spinning on the shell as it adds a single instrument which is sequenced.
by agu fungus at 12:56 PM EDT on July 21, 2009
^ And when his tail is burning, before he spins on his shell, you can hear some drums in addition to the choir.

Also, the full intro for Megaleg, plus a sequenced variation before climbing on top of the boss. The track "To the Gateway" has a third variation, which adds some sequences to the song. The jingles are sequenced, too.

I don't know what other variations it has. Then there's Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, fully sequenced and dynamic. Mario Kart Double Dash has sequenced tracks, mainly the Title and others.
by bxaimc at 3:35 PM EDT on July 21, 2009
Not sure about MK:DD's title screen but I definitely know the menu/select bgm is sequenced.
The course select bgm is also sequenced in Super Mario Galaxy btw.
by holyice7 at 12:56 PM EDT on July 22, 2009
Is that enough crap to try and put together a player?
by hcs at 4:11 PM EDT on July 22, 2009
Sadly, attempts to build a player out of crap has resulted in only partial success. I don't think the amount of crap is the issue.
by valiant at 5:07 PM EDT on July 22, 2009
Just ripping the games with the silent SFX method would make much more sense.
by Peppyman at 1:44 PM EDT on July 23, 2009
Yes well it looks like there is plenty of sequenced music to be had then! The problem is in game alot of nintendo games don't allow SFX to be disabled which is why we need this music format to work.
by hcs at 1:46 PM EDT on July 23, 2009
We have ways of making you not talk.
by Mouser X at 2:13 PM EDT on July 23, 2009
I think the method that Prime Blue is refering to is the method he used to create the Twilight Princess rip. That is, litterally delete the sound effects from the game's data. If the SFX are gone, then they certainly can't be played while the music is running.

It should be noted that, if that's the method he's refering to, my description of that method is overly simplified. If I recall correctly, it was a lot more work than simply deleting the SFX (some SFX are actually used as instruments, in different areas/songs, so deleting them removes instruments, depending on the context. At least, I think something like that took place). So, although it's "easier" to do the SFX removal method, it's still not something your average person is going to be able to do (but, if they do decide to do it, it'd be easier than learning Wii/NGC assembly to rip the driver/data out of the game).

So, theoretically, Prime Blue's method does make "more sense." But, a problem with that method is that it requires a line-in recording, which is going to end up as a non-looping format. Once recorded, if you want it looped, you'd have to manually add the loop points in yourself. Also, because it's now a streamed format (a recording of a sequenced format), it is almost certainly going to be significantly larger than it would be if it were a ripped format. On the other hand, it will be in a format that is much more available to the average person as well. How many people can play MP3s (on their computer, iPod, portable media player, etc.)? Essentially everyone can. How many people can play WSF/GCSF/3SF/CSF? No one can (currently. Personally, due to the similarities involved, I say just call both NGC and Wii rips as WSF. Or RSF for Revolution). Which, I believe, is another reason he says it makes more sense. And of course, because it's a line-in recording using the original hardware, the audio quality will be as close to the real thing as you can possibly get. Whereas, with a ripped/emulated format, there are almost always going to be differences and inconsistancies with the playback, when compared to the real thing.

Just thought I'd throw in my thoughts on this. Personally, I'd LOVE to have a ripped NGC/Wii format. There are tons of games out there with great music, that we don't have the music to yet. I think it'd be a great thing to have. But, that's me. Mouser X over and out.
by holyice7 at 3:18 AM EDT on August 5, 2009
Hell, I'd be ABLE to help with finding loop points if a few people collab on Prime Blue's TP method. I think the demand for Sunshine and Mansion is big enough to at least go through the effort for those two if creating a GCN ripped format is too much for so few games.

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