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by valiant at 2:05 PM EDT on August 5, 2009
I was bored yesterday. In fact, so bored that I decided to rip Double Dash!! which, as it turns out, uses quite a few sequences.

I've seen Mike's release from 2003 on Galbadia Hotel, but it contained sound effects for most of the tracks. Also, Nintendo apparently doesn't know how to set loop points properly in their streamed files, so all of them either contain clipping or single channel volume changes. Thus, I manually looped every streamed file, don't bother with the glitchy ASTs anymore (again, not the fault of vgmstream but Nintendo's sound staff).

Download (MP3):

Download (FLAC):

Password is primeblue.

edited 2:07 PM EDT August 5, 2009
by bxaimc at 2:39 PM EDT on August 5, 2009
Nice work Prime Blue :)
by holyice7 at 8:06 AM EDT on August 8, 2009
That is completely awesome in every possible way. What are the odds of this happening with Luigi's Mansion or Super Mario Sunshine?
by valiant at 9:31 AM EDT on August 8, 2009
I don't know...bad? Bad odds?
by holyice7 at 2:01 PM EDT on August 8, 2009
Damn. T_T
by marcusss at 2:11 PM EDT on August 8, 2009
Thanks alot for this :) You always do great rips Prime Blue
Reverse Engineered by itsacatfish at 9:36 AM EDT on April 6, 2010
Nobody probably cares about bms anymore, but i reverse engineered the format with only a few unknowns.
I'm not a programmer so i can't do anything useful with this stuff but maybe someone here could.

MAIN HEADER                            

c1    xx    xx    xx    xx    track list offset \\where does the track list start?
d8    62    00    78     unknown    (always the same)
e0    xx    xx            tempo \\in beats per minute
f0    (xx)    xx length of tempo
c7    xx    xx    xx     loop to offset \\where does it loop to

TRACK LIST                    
c1    xx     track number
xx    xx    xx            track offset            
f0    xx    xx            complete length        
c7    xx    xx    xx     loop to offset \\where does it loop to

f9    00    00 always the same        
e2    xx             unknown
e3    xx    (e3    xx)     instrument
b8    00    xx         volume \\up to 7F
b8    02    xx         unknown \\up to 7F
b8    03    xx         pan \\from 00 (fully left) to 7F (fully right pan)

b9    01    xx    xx     pitch \\for pitch bending
d8    6e    xx    xx     vibrato
d8    64    xx    xx     unknown
d8    6f    xx    xx     unknown

xx    01    xx     note - note 1 on - volume \\note - centred at 3C (middle C) volume up to 7F
f0    (xx)    xx delay \\(length of note)
xx    02    xx     note - note 2 on - volume
f0    (xx)    xx delay \\(length of note)
81    82 note 1 off - note 2 off

c3    xx    xx    xx reference (offset) - some parts of track stored in other part of score

when you get to dynamic tracks, things get a bit more complex, but that's pretty much it for normal tracks

edited 9:52 AM EDT April 6, 2010
by arbingordon at 2:22 PM EDT on April 6, 2010
imma bug UF about this ASAP
by unknownfile at 3:54 PM EDT on April 6, 2010
oh u
by arbingordon at 3:56 PM EDT on April 6, 2010
dammit i didnt get to D:
UF shit a magic-taculous plugin that'll play this stuff please

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