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by Lunar at 2:33 PM EDT on July 19, 2011
familiar with Sonic Colors, specifically its music? Myself and my friend Aivi teamed up on a Planet Wisp arrangement with live piano~

by Elven Spellmaker at 7:16 PM EDT on July 20, 2011
I finally found a very recent (and new) driver, boxed by mudlord called BASSMIDI System Synth, which allows SoundFonts to be used as the default MIDI device on PCs.


If only I could force games that specifically target the MS Synth (instead of the default) to play using this driver and also use my VST Reverb plugin.

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by Elven Spellmaker at 2:31 PM EDT on July 22, 2011
Out of interest, does anyone know if ripping a song using one of the default file output plugins takes the EQ into account in the output file?
by SmartOne at 1:12 AM EDT on August 4, 2011
In Winamp? I don't think so?

A Dell PC won't boot a working Slax Live CD. What can I do to get it to boot?

Ah, had to swap the IDE DVD and CD drives. They were in the wrong positions on the cable.

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by hcs at 11:14 AM EDT on August 15, 2011
Just kind of came rolling off my brain this morning after one about Napoleon Bonaparte (so nicknamed by the British for his "bony-parts"). Not too original (or accurate), but hey. In the style of John Hodgman's Today in the Past:

March 4, 1966

John Lennon utters the controversial statement that he and the Beatles are "Bigger than Jesus". When later forced to defend himself before the Inquisition, Lennon clarifies that he was only referring to relative size, given the vast improvements in nutrition over the millennia; and also that he and his band consisted of four men, while Jesus was largely considered to be only two or three men in a Jesus-suit.

The Pope was unconvinced, and pronounced a terrible curse on the musicians. From that day forth they would wander the earth alone and unloved by more than 25% of the world's population at any one time.

It happened today, in the past.

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by SmartOne at 11:57 AM EDT on August 17, 2011
Why is it so hard to build projects? How am I supposed to learn if I can't even compile due to missing files? The only project I've been able to build is Genesis Plus GX. This is because eke is extremely organized and knows how to write instructions.

I want configurable channel panning in NEZplug++. Thought I'd take a look at the source (which is way over my head) because no one else is interested, but I can't build the plugin because files are missing and stuff is undefined.

How do people get so good? Especially the 20-year-old (or younger) prodigies who pick up programming no problem. I guess it would help to have a mentor or some family history.

Everything cool is in C and/or C++. All I can handle is baby C# and Java code.

Building stuff is hard. I need experience, but can't get experience, because building stuff is hard.

by Captain Ron at 12:08 AM EDT on August 18, 2011
It's not exactly experience you need; it's the proper tools. I usually find it hard when someone compiles a project using Visual Studio because I use mostly free & open-source software (like GCC in Ubuntu, DJGPP/GW-BASIC/QuickBASIC/Open Watcom/Magic ASM in real-mode MS-DOS, Open Watcom/MASM32 in Windows XP, etc.). That's besides my doing web-based stuff (you should see my web-based project at; it's in a stalled state because nobody's willing to join the bandwagon on this).

But yeah; Java's still pretty good for emulation projects (VirtualNES, JPC & JStella come to mind). There also used to be PotatoEmu, but the idiot that created the applet version (based directly from the source code to MESS) sold single-server licenses for $150, before he decided to stop his project & rat out his customers for "copyright violations."
by BtEO at 5:34 AM EDT on August 18, 2011
If you do happen to find any good help on setting up build environments and fixing problems with missing libraries (especially if as in some of my experience you're sure they're there and the project has the right paths included) please do link.

I'm not sure I've ever managed to take an open source C/C++ project and compile it, let alone start to add whatever I was planning on adding that made me try in the first place.

All the books I've ever seen just skip over what seems like some bloody useful info in favour of covering syntax I've done enough programming in enough languages that learning syntax (even C/C++ with its myriad ways to shoot yourself in the foot) is not a huge problem.
by Captain Ron at 9:38 PM EDT on August 18, 2011
Well, typical open-source projects involve the use of widely-available libraries that are listed in the package's readme file. Others, though, require some other libraries & even other compiler/virtual computer systems.

For Windows users, using the GCC tool chain with either MinGW or Cygwin solves quite a few problems when compiling Linux programs. Most Linux-based projects that are ported to Windows tend to use Cygwin because it actually emulates an X Windows system. MinGW only serves as an equivalent to the Java Runtime Environment.

There are many libraries available; only the readme files for each package will tell you which ones are needed (or you can always blast an e-mail & join the project's forum).
by SmartOne at 3:13 PM EDT on August 20, 2011
I have managed to build NEZplug++. Yay me. There's got to be some values in here that I could tweak to at least hard code some channel panning...

I know nothing about digital sound processing. If someone wants to lend a hand... :D

Pointers... I need a function to return two values.

edited 8:37 PM EDT August 20, 2011

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