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by unknownfile at 5:50 AM EST on March 15, 2006
Well doesnt that just suck.
by hcs at 11:33 AM EST on March 15, 2006

Soul of the Ultimate Nation OST, by Howard Shore (who did the Lord of the Rings soundtrack).
Encoded to MP3 from APEs a friend ripped.
by Prokopis at 12:18 PM EST on March 15, 2006
Josh, try doing some quick consistency checks of your faulty HDD with Partition Magic 8.0 on your win98, or if that won't do anything about the messed up MBR, see if a program called Partition Table Doctor can help. Worst case, there's a good chance you can still pull most of your data off it to save somewhere else with data recovery software like GetDataBack (highly recommend that one).

Kinda funny though; I thought I was the only one plagued by the HDD curse, having suffered such horrors on 3 seperate occasions over the last year alone :/. Ah well, at least through some luck and searching, I managed to walk away with 99.9% of everything I had (and we're talking sizes in the order of hundreds of gigafunkies here) and some newfound insight in the wonderful world of HDD disasters & remedies.

Anyways, nuff rambling. Good luck getting it all back together.
by Josh W at 3:34 AM EST on March 16, 2006

Well it turned out that the MBR was totally ruined with no chance of recovery.

However, with GetDataBack was able to recover all my stuff and siphon it off to other drives. Well now i gotta reformat my dive and copy the stuff back. Well i shouldn't really loose anything now except MS Office, but i can borrow that from my cousin later.
by Mouser X at 10:01 AM EST on March 16, 2006
I've had a HDD go bad on me. I REALLY love it when the data recovery utilities work... Glad it worked out for you. Hopefully it doesn't happen again any time to soon. Mouser X out.
by hcs at 12:07 PM EST on March 16, 2006

Now I know how to funnel my mail from my SDF account (which gets so much spam it isn't funny) to gmail (which has really nice spam filtration).
This is the sort of thing I probably should have known about years ago...
by hcs at 1:21 PM EST on March 16, 2006
"In passing, it is worth noting that there is a descrepency between the way Linux-PAM handles the const struct pam_message **msg conversation function argument from the way that Solaris' PAM (and derivitives, known to include HP/UX, are there others?) does. Linux-PAM interprets the msg argument as entirely equivalent to the following prototype const struct pam_message *msg[] (which, in spirit, is consistent with the commonly used prototypes for argv argument to the familiar main() function: char **argv; and char *argv[]). Said another way Linux-PAM interprets the msg argument as a pointer to an array of num_meg read only 'struct pam_message' pointers. Solaris' PAM implementation interprets this argument as a pointer to a pointer to an array of num_meg pam_message structures."

Holy. Crap.
I understood it, but WHY, OH WHY introduce this incompatibility? The solutions suggested are
1) only use 1 message
2) create both a pointer to an array of pointers and a pointer to a pointer to an array

by unknownfile at 6:23 PM EST on March 16, 2006
pointy pointing point pointity pointz0r.

Anyways march break is almost finished and I still haven't gone out of the house. (I've been inside for over a week due to the flu, and it's just been reduced to a cold and cough.)
by Josh W at 3:43 AM EST on March 17, 2006
Damn pointers. They only make it that way to annoy you in my oppinion.

I also think that const struct pam_message **msg and const struct pam_message *msg[] should be the same anyway. I use char **argv anyway.

Speaking of C, yesterday...or it might of been a few days ago...anyway i was in a C lecture and the lecturer is sooooooooooo boring. Blah blah blah arrays blah blah gdb debugger.
I've never used such a debugger in my life. If theres a problem with my code i will go though it manually and put in things to help me find problems, no so-called debugger will help.

I got my first assignment for thwe semeseter too. I have to make a command line menu-driven interface that allows the user to enter some numbers and calculate the average of them an such. I shouldnt be complaining, considering it is so simple that i should get full marks.

But i wont probally get full marks anyway. I have to plan it and draw diagrams and such of how the program will work then implement the program algorithm into down i think it is. I can't work that way. I see the assignment instructions and i see code, not diagrams.

I'll think plan it after i've finished writing it.

On other news ive fully recovered my data and got everything working again...but i seem to have 13GB more free than i did before...meh. I might also keep the hard drives i left in it and re-install linux.

Speaking of linux, my university held a Linux Install Fest. They spent the day teaching the straights how good linux is and helping them install it on their PCs. I wonder how many people actually attended. I don't need no people to come in from melbourne to tell me what good linux is.

I had the flu late last year in november. It sucked. I remember not eating, thowing up, hurting alot when i move, being really hot and cold at the same time, a migraine...and loosing 15 pounds.

edited 10:25 AM EST March 17, 2006
by hcs at 4:48 AM EST on March 17, 2006
The student linux users group at my school has an Install Fest every semester. Never been involved, since I run Windows anyway...

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