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by hcs at 7:59 PM EDT on August 12, 2005
I repaired my MP3 player today, I had broken it on my trip by pulling the headphone plug too hard, so I had only one channel. A bit of copper wiring and some solder later I'm back in business, without a warranty. Now I only wish I hadn't bid on that replacement motherboard on eBay in desperation...
by PokeParadox at 8:28 PM EDT on August 12, 2005
Ouch... well at least you havea working player again... I dropped my iPod the other day and it seems it's the HDD controller that got damaged... I can play music if I'm lucky but it's none too reliable :(. I don't think I fix it myself... The good news is that it is still in Warrenty... the bad news is I accidently stepped on the headphones... so I don't know if that would count in voiding my warrenty.
by hcs at 1:20 PM EDT on August 16, 2005
Yay, someone else outbid me with mere hours to spare.
Now let's hope I don't shortly end up needing it again.
by Mouser X at 8:00 PM EDT on August 16, 2005
Lucky you, on that one. However, it looks like someone really wanted it. It finally sold for like, about $30 or so, with 11 bids total. Almost everytime I've bid on something, I've won it. 95% of the time though, I "snipe" it. I submit my bid when there's like, 3 minutes, or so, left in the auction. I'm fairly certain there's a few people out there who hate me for that... Oh well. I have want I needed/wanted. So, as long as they don't know me, I'm good. :P Oh, and just for the record, I bid on ebay very rarely. I don't have my own account, so my parents bid for me. As such, it makes it even harder to tell which one is really "me." Oh well. Mouser X over and out.
by hcs at 12:04 AM EDT on August 20, 2005
I've got 190 MB free on the server now. Look over my VGM list and let me know if you want anything on there uploaded.
by Anonymous at 11:19 AM EDT on August 20, 2005
You know... I've always wanted the orchestral game concerts. :)
by hcs at 1:44 PM EDT on August 20, 2005
Well, choose one, because all five wouldn't fit even if I had nothing else on the server. Any one, however, would be fine.
They're all encoded via Lame 3.91 (according to encspot and headers within the files) --alt-preset extreme (if the directory naming is to be believed) with two exceptions:

1. track 12 of OGC1 in this set was from a bad rip, the one which is most often found and includes very bad clicking. I located a slightly lower bitrate (Lame 3.89 VBR) copy which is clean and substituted that for the bad one.

2. track 11 of OGC4 (The Dream Oath~Maria and Draku, one of the best tracks in the whole series) had a click (more like a click and a squeal) in the final two seconds or so (just dead air from the live recording) which I found intolerable. I used a program to clip the last few seconds off the end of the MP3 without decoding and reencoding it. What it did do, however, was bash the Lame headers clear off. This is still from the same set of MP3s but won't be recognized as Lame encoded.

If you want my personal advice I'd recommend OGC4 (almost entirely on the strength of the Final Fantasy opera, 23 minutes of genius) or OGC1 (because of the number of very cool tunes). The others, for the most part, I'm not crazy about.


some links:

edited 5:47 PM EDT August 20, 2005
by Mouser X at 3:34 PM EDT on August 20, 2005
Geez, that list is HUGE (well, compared to mine, and I thought I had quite a bit...) I've got quite a list of stuff I'd like, but I should probably try to narrow it down before I request anything... I do have a question though. What's wrong with the Flacom Vocal Collections 1-4 that you have? I have those as well, and I have been able to confirm that they're good (though I have't listened to them with enough concentration to tell wether or not some of the tracks are glitchy (pops, snaps, clicks, etc.)). Also, I don't remember what bitrate they're in. Nonetheless, I was curious to know what might be amiss with your set.

Also, I was wondering about the Zelda OoT Rearranged set you have. I have a few different versions (with tags, w/o tags, low bitrate/high bitrate, ect.), and I was wondering if there was anything I could do to help you confirm that set as good.

Thanks in advance for your help. I'll probably reply again, later, when I have my list of requests down to a manageable size (meaning, a list for you to choose which to put up). Mouser X over and out.
by hcs at 6:24 PM EDT on August 20, 2005
My copies of the Falcom Vocal Collections all had numerous tracks that failed my first test with Wimpck, which checks them for proper MPEG 1.0 formatting. I took another look at them today and found that it seemed to have the most trouble (to the point of not even recognizing some files as MP3) with FVC1. I took a loo at it and it seems to have some bizarre tags, and when Winamp tried to remove them it cut off a bit of the file. I wrote a little program to remove them and they now all check out perfectly with wimpck, and the track lengths match up with the freedb values.
The other FVCs, however, also have a few failing tracks, but they seem to have actual sync errors, reported by EncSpot. I do recall hearing glitches in these, and when I check the files with the times for the sync errors given in EncSpot I get either a glitchy sound or a bit of silence, depending on what player I use.

OoT Rearranged has only one bad track, track 5, but it has two sync errors and thus stays in "failed check" until I replace that file.

So Falcom Vocal Collection 1 is exonerated, other than that...
test by hcs at 1:41 AM EDT on August 22, 2005
this is supposed to be in the "How I Spend My Time" thread

seems to have worked ok... weirdness.

edited 5:42 AM EDT August 22, 2005

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