Family Guy The Video Game! [PS2] 'Game.wad' by Cartoonish Weeb at 11:09 PM EDT on May 24, 2019

while trying to extract data from the Family Guy Video Game, developed by High Voltage Software, i noticed that the data was packed in a .wad file. so i tried looking around for bms scripts for the games file type and no luck.

Due to the lack of my internet's upload speed, i cannot provide a link to the .wad file specifically. However, i can provide you with Thisthat contains the .wad fie.
by NoWool at 4:06 AM EDT on May 29, 2019
You're going to need vgmtoolbox and you'll be using the Virtual File System Extractor and Advanced Cutter

Take this file and put it vgmtoolbox's AdvancedCutter folder (it's in the plugins directory).
While you're at it take this file and add it to the VFSExtractor folder (again, in the plugins directory).

Now, load up vgmtoolbox and click on the Advanced Cutter/Offset Finder (under Misc. Tools > Extraction Tools > Generic) and load "Family Guy...", drag and drop GAME.WAD where it says "files to search".

Click on the Virtual File System Extractor (option under Advanced Cutter/Offset Finder) and load "Family Guy WAD Extractor", you will need the GAME.WAD and GAME.DIR files. The "data file" will be GAME.WAD, the "header file" box needs to be checked and you'll be using GAME.DIR. (Output folder can be whatever you want)
The only reason I'm not extracting all of the files via the GAME.DIR file is because I believe either the .pss or .psm files randomly have 0x800 bytes of padding at the beginning of the file. I can't be bothered to remedy it as the Advanced cutter works fine.
How to convert the pss/psm files by minindo at 1:40 PM EDT on September 10, 2020
Hey thanks for this post, I successfully extracted the files, but I'm trying to convert the pss/psm's to audio, and I'm not sure what the correct sample rate, etc is, because MFAudio mostly gives me static, do you know?

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