DKC3 GBA Soundfont Attempt by Squeals92 at 9:35 PM EDT on September 23, 2019
I've recently attempted to make a DKC3 GBA soundfont using an accurate PCM rip I found online.

DKC3 GBA uses massive sample loops (almost 100!) to make up a majority of music just hacked up as instruments for some reason, very likely to save time or laziness.

This also means, in theory, you might be able to remake some tracks by matching the looping pattern samples sequences from scratch.

For the instruments that aren't sample loops, I tried to do looping myself to guess how it should sound (take note it's probably not 100% accurate).

Download link

by SmartOne at 10:49 PM EDT on October 6, 2019
Cool, thank you. That custom driver still needs to be reverse engineered to generate some MIDIs. Nose goes.
DKC3 GBA Soundfont Attempt - Link Not Working by Flanagonia at 8:49 AM EDT on September 6, 2023
Hi there Squeals92,
I know this thread is old, but I just wanted to ask whether you still have a copy of your DKC3 GBA soundfont.
The link seems to no longer work, it only sends a “Hmmm… can't reach this page” message. I have tried it on several browsers and computers but with no success.
I am really interested in using your soundfont, and I would be extremely grateful if you would reply.
Joseph (Flanagonia)

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