Someone can loop me this song by tifaff at 3:36 AM EST on November 20, 2019
idk how to do it in foobar

I leave the link in case someone does me the favor of doing it




by tifaff at 2:31 AM EST on November 22, 2019
Its wally theme, from pokemon omega ruby, but i cant find the time loop reference
by ArcticJaguar725 at 4:54 AM EST on November 22, 2019
If you right click on the track in foobar and select Properties, then go to Details and scroll down, you'll be given the loop start and end samples. If you need to convert them to timestamps, just divide the loop points by the sample rate (also found in the Properties menu). Using an external editor such as Audacity, you can trim a waveform converted by vgmstream to those exact points and copy/paste the loop as much as you desire.
by Kirishima at 6:17 AM EST on November 22, 2019
Or he can just set vgmstream to loop a specific number of times(preferences/decoding/playback/vgmstream, set "Loop Count" to whatever, toggle "Loop Normally"), convert to wav or flac, then trim off excess audio in an editor.
by tifaff at 12:11 PM EST on November 22, 2019
ok i will check
by tifaff at 10:11 PM EST on November 22, 2019


edited 10:18 PM EST November 22, 2019

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