A single missing track from the NieR rips? by MikuHatsune at 10:09 PM EDT on August 10, 2020
I've been digging through the different instrument layers of each track from the NieR rips available on the vgm page, and I've discovered that one of the track sets, "030_cliff_boss", is missing the drum layer.
Based on the pattern from all the other tracks, it should be called "030_cliff_boss_rythm_cmp_wav.aax" but that's nowhere to be seen in both the Gestalt and Replicant rips, and none of the other drum tracks matches it either.

I've been trying to dig around in the ps3 iso to find it myself, but with no luck in regards to decrypting the data. Anybody know if such a file even exists somewhere there, or how to decrypt/extract the audio in the first place?
by bnnm at 3:53 PM EDT on August 13, 2020
I checked again the files in the X360 version and pretty sure it isn't there.

However IIRC the rhythm layer is exclusive to the OST and doesn't play in-game.
A single missing track from the Drakengard 3 rips? by MikuHatsune at 5:15 PM EDT on September 9, 2020
Huh, you're right, I looked up footage from the game and it really doesn't sound like there's a rhythm layer for that track after all, despite it being used in a a boss fight. I guess the composers made one and used it in the OST, but never actually implemented it in the game.. Thank you for checking the files, though!

On a similar note due to some of the same composers/developers working on Drakengard 3, apparently there was an unused battle theme found in the game's data which got spread around online ("Normandy", but mistakenly referred to as "Accord's Boss Theme" at first), but looking into both the rip in the vgm section and extracting the data from both the disc and psn version myself, I've not been able to find the original SCD files for this music at all.

The only signs of this music, other than compressed mp3/youtube uploads is this screenshot I found where the files are highlighted, and the filenames at least matches the rest of the games' tracks.

Anybody got any clue if those files are even real? The other files in that image are all from the DLC packs, but I've not found the tracks in any of those pkg's either..

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