PrimeBlue FLAC Metroid Prime 2 Rip by eyevandy at 4:17 PM EDT on August 19, 2020
In this thread many many years ago, a person named PrimeBlue/valiant linked to some rips of Metroid Prime 1 & 2.

They're not straight rips; PrimeBlue apparently fixed several issues with the source files from the disc.

The rips are still pretty easy to find, with the exception of the FLAC variant of MP2. It's completely disappeared from the Internet as far as I can tell.

It seems like at least one person (jurassicPieter) that responded in that thread is still active here, but it doesn't seem like this forum has DM's. I can't find any recent activity from PrimeBlue anywhere. I'd love any help in tracking down this soundtrack before it's gone forever.
by jurassicPieter at 6:25 PM EDT on August 24, 2020
hi i still have Primeblue's rip of metroid prime as flac. It's 912MB. I never had his MP2 rip.

I'm inactive in the ripping scene as my wife and kids get all the attention. I still read the forums here though. I'll see if I have the time to upload.

edited 6:26 PM EDT August 24, 2020
by eyevandy at 9:44 AM EDT on August 26, 2020
Thanks for checking in - no need to reupload MP1, the FLAC version is available for download on

MP2 is going to be a challenge I guess.
by kode54 at 8:22 PM EDT on August 26, 2020
Why don't you just make your own FLAC conversion from the original source files?
by eyevandy at 12:45 PM EDT on August 27, 2020
I would, but apparently Prime Blue fixed a lot of audio errors and that's not a skill I possess.
by hcs at 6:17 PM EDT on August 27, 2020
With MP1 I think there were a number of issues that were even present in the DSPs and even on the OST, valiant used the OST where possible and fixed the loops.

But I don't think there ever was a Prime 2 rip, which would explain why no one can find it. It sounds like it was planned back in July 2009 and still possible August 26, but I don't see any more about it on this forum after that.

This confusion may come from the fact that the thread is titled "Metroid Prime 1 & 2", but I think the megaupload links were only for a Metroid Prime 1 rip.

edited 6:22 PM EDT August 27, 2020

Well, I guess this site got it from somewhere, so it must have existed, but are we sure there was a FLAC release?

edited 6:25 PM EDT August 27, 2020

At least one blog thought it hadn't been released yet as of September 3, 2010

edited 6:37 PM EDT August 27, 2020

And someone here thought it wasn't out January 1, 2011.

It may have only showed up on GFF?

edited 6:40 PM EDT August 27, 2020
by eyevandy at 12:08 AM EDT on August 28, 2020
You are right, the thread title threw me off. There does not actually seem to be a mention of a FLAC version anywhere.

But it seems like Prime Blue had been doing MP3 and FLAC releases together for quite a while, so it's hard to imagine how metroid-database got a hold of an MP3 version without the FLAC version existing.

I've tracked down Prime Blue to an account with some recent activity, but I have no idea if they are trying to break connections and I don't want to dox him/her. We'll see if they respond.

I did see download links for Prime Blue's rips of the GB Zelda games - anyone still have those?
by hcs at 5:43 PM EDT on August 28, 2020
I don't recall GB Zelda rips, there was one of Twilight Princess, and one with certain extras for Wind Waker (here). Happy to hear about them if they're extant.

Oh, huh, there it is (with dead link), I'll see if I can find a copy.

edited 5:47 PM EDT August 28, 2020

No luck, if anyone can dig it up that'd be great!

edited 8:04 PM EDT August 28, 2020

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