noob question: how to turn the volume up on layered bfstms using txtp? by porocopi16 at 4:16 AM EST on February 22, 2021
So I'm looking at how to make txtps and one thing has me spaghetti'd in how to actually use it.

Specifically for splatoon on the wii u, the bfstms when played from that game make the dynamic channels on layered bfstms much softer for some reason. i'd like to just turn them to the same volume that the main channel is playing at, but i'm unsure the command to make it work.

here're a few from that game that have an example of what i'm talking about


it isn't just splatoon but the wording on the txtp format is so confusing i don't know how to make it perform the simple task of keeping the loop and everything the same but bumping up the volume of a few channels in the back (while maybe blocking some in the case of the first song)
by bnnm at 5:39 PM EST on February 24, 2021
You probably want to create a text file named STRM_Boss_Last01.txtp and inside write
STRM_Boss_Last01.bfstm #@layer-v 2.

Or make an empty file simply named:
STRM_Boss_Last01.bfstm #@layer-v 2.txtp

I say probably because "bumping the volume of a few channels" isn't straightforward at all, due to how players handle multichannel audio.

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