how can i open .blob files? by civilizedproducer at 3:31 AM EST on March 4, 2021
i am trying to open a .blob file of a music production plugin. i'm sure that it is some sort of an archive/container as when i opened it using a text editor, it showed some paths to .wav files inside the .blob file. the only issue is that i don't know what type of an archive it is so as to open it using some program. i used a hex editor to find the format of the archive but still no luck..

Hex :
00000000 67 45 B1 62 EC 00 00 00 7B 22 69 6E 73 74 72 75 gE±bì...{"instru

edit: i also used QuickBMS to try extracting it, but i couldn't :(

if anyone could help, i'll be really grateful to you!

thanks in advance!

edited 3:32 AM EST March 4, 2021

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