_(upload original format)ROCKMAN X DiVE (2022-03-20)(Capcom)[iOS+Android].7z by brianpow1 at 8:00 PM EDT on March 30, 2022
The original format is in acb/awb archive format. Crapcom always update the archive by adding new music and removing music for expired event. In every update, even with no new music added, the checksum of archive may changed because of some music are removed. You can expect that if collecting all version of archive, the resultant files contain lots of dupes. You can also expect that some music can only be found in old archive but not in the latest archive, therefore collecting only the latest version of archive does not work too. May I confirm if you really prefer to have the original packed format?

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by bnnm at 3:39 PM EDT on March 31, 2022
Generally sets should contain original unmodified audio, for preservation purposes (acb/awb contains interesting extra metadata).

For your exact case, I guess there could be exceptions. But in my view, if you include the acb+awb (if you add .acf it's nice to have too), you can decide later to extract the .hca and remove dupes, while with extracted .hca you can't get the .acb/awb back (since mobile games' data dies so easily).

Though I guess if a game is updated like every week that's a lot of dupes and bloated set. hcs suggested to include latest acb+awb and older songs extracted as a possible solution, though maybe there are a lot of older songs anyway.

Maybe for now your extracted set could be accepted with a tag like [extracted] or something, and have another set with the original data just in case. Though might as well remove the almost-identical tracks (like bgm_st_electro_fort) from the extracted set then.

Your set seems to be missing CapcomLogo.hca btw (that is an actual .hca outside .awb, which is a neat detail, to me).

Also note .zip/rar archives aren't accepted, please upload your files in .7z so maintainers don't have to re-compress.
by brianpow1 at 7:14 AM EDT on April 1, 2022
For music similar to bgm_st_electro_fort, they got different checksum. I am not sure if they have made minor adjustment in the song. For preservation purpose, I guess I will still include them. But let me know if you have different view.

For capcomlogo sound, it is stored in SystemSE.acb together with other sound effect. Not sure this 4 seconds piece should be consdered as music or sound effect.

Here is my current understanding and questions
- Use 7z (should we use solid archive? Max compression?)
- Preserve original format or loseless, interconvertible format (e.g. wave -> flac is accepted, acb/awb -> hca is NOT accepted)
- In case original formats contain lots of dupes or in special container format, may include extracted version in separate archive
- How about sound effects? Speech? Should they be included too?
- How about video? (Current practice seems to store the extracted audio track)
- Preserve original folder structure? or flattened structure?
- How about song titles? (use m3u8?)
- In case there are some updates, should we upload the whole archive again or just the changed file?
- For audio cd, do you prefer split tracks or single image with cue?

I will be helpful if the information above can appear in the upload page too.

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by brianpow1 at 7:19 AM EDT on April 1, 2022

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by bnnm at 1:26 PM EDT on April 3, 2022
There is (or was?) a CapcomLogo.hca stored externally too.

Some general rules:
- .7z typically max compression and non-solid (but any is accepted)
- original format if possible (there are exceptions), flac is preferred for CD audio, but regular .wav may have metadata and loop points that .flac removes (I think) so may be uploaded as .wav
- "musical" sfx like jingles may be included (like the capcom logo) while speech and regular sfx generally isn't (ok in certain cases but preferably in a subfolder)
- demuxed (audio only) video is ok
- sets should start without a folder (except in complex cases), you can add extra subfolders as seen fit (like a /dlc subfolder)
- for tagging best to stick with !tags.m3u:
- updates preferably added to the main set and reuploaded
- use split tracks for CD audio (track02.flac, track03.flac, ...)

For technical reasons we can't change the upload page but there is the hcs64 discord for help.
by brianpow1 at 10:55 PM EDT on April 9, 2022

[brianpow](in original format)ROCKMAN X DiVE (2019)(Capcom)[Android].7z (824.52M created 146h 12m 08s ago)
[brianpow](unpacked,deduped)ROCKMAN X DiVE (2019)(Capcom)[Android].7z (243.57M created 145h 56m 02s ago)

please ignore the old files.

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