Need help on extracting music and audio for Disney Star Smash (defunct game) by sooji gooji at 5:52 PM EDT on June 7, 2023
fyi, i still have all the necessary data, like the apk and the extra data downloaded in Android/data

i've been trying to follow multiple guides on extracting the assets of "Disney Star Smash". the audio files are giving me a hard time though. i am able to extract the hca files, yet decrypting it using the hca decoder seems to output .wav files of distorted mess. upon further looking up, it seems to require a key, but i'm not sure how to look it up in the files though

there's literally no one on the internet who have exported clear rips of the soundtracks (someone on YouTube did uploaded them, but those are recorded from game, which also include the sound effects and the audience encore), while the dialogues are non existing. i've been holding on to these files for so long to avoid it being lost media

any help would be appreciated on how to find its hca keys
by y2kjudas at 12:04 AM EDT on June 9, 2023
For the key, try opening the entire folder in AssetStudio. Then, in the search bar, type "CriWareInitializer" and open the MonoBehavior with that name. In that file look for "key =", the sequence after that will be the key you are looking for.

I'm assuming that this game was made with Unity3d.
Lost Assets by KamiNo0toko at 3:25 PM EDT on September 19, 2023
Hello, I've extracted quite a few of these assets and built full backgrounds with them when the game first came out and shared them on Reddit for everyone. But came back only to find the game had been shut down. I'm more than happy to help with the music side if you could help get me the files I've been looking for.

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