echochrome PS3 rip by DarkSolidSnake at 9:23 AM EDT on September 12, 2023
Last night i ripped the music from echochrome for PS3. unfortuanently, the rip name should be spelled correctly, as shown below.

echochrome [Mugen Kairou] [PSN](2008-03-19)(SCE Japan Studio, Game Yarouze)(SCE)[PS3]
Another mistake again! by DarkSolidSnake at 10:51 AM EDT on September 22, 2023
Today, i made a mistake, i forgot when i ripped the BGM from Cosmetic Paradise: Princess Life. I forgot that a rip of the game actually exists. Should mark it as an alternative version by the following name:

Cosmetic Paradise - Princess Life [Makeup Princess 2 - Princess Life] (2011-04-14)(Global A)[NDS][alt]

The original gamerip should be renamed to:
Cosmetic Paradise - Princess Life [Makeup Princess 2 - Princess Life] (2011-04-14)(Global A)[NDS] instead of Cosmetic Paradise - Princess Life (2011-04-14)(-)(Global A)[NDS]

Thanks, bnnm and others.

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