Request: Precure All Stars - Zenin Shuugou Let's Dance! (Wii) by Pixel_Crusher at 8:36 AM EDT on October 15, 2023
As the thread title suggests, I'd like to request a streamed music rip of "Precure All Stars - Zenin Shuugou Let's Dance!" for the Wii.
by mouds-ks7258 at 12:40 PM EDT on October 17, 2023

it's not perfect but what's included here are 6 brstm files (all named "bgm" somewhere in their file names) and 42 bik files, not actual bik files themselves but demuxed into separate audio tracks using vgmtoolbox r1040.

7z package itself weighs in at about 72MB in file size.
by Pixel_Crusher at 4:02 PM EDT on October 19, 2023
Thank you!

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