How can I extract Brave Firefighters Sega sound effects? by Cartoondude135 at 8:22 PM EDT on October 18, 2023
I need you to see if there's a possible way to extract sound effect files either the way I mentioned above or some faster way like Dolphin Emu's dump feature for this game: Brave Firefighters for the arcade via DEMUL Emu Because right now, I have a MASSIVE list of sound effects I need to DL from Sound Ideas. And don't ask me why, but it took me a whopping 6 years just to determine the sound effects I need used in cartoons, movies, TV, and video games are provided via Sound Ideas (formerly Hollywood Edge). Right now, I'm recovering from a migraine I've sustained while extracting sound effects from JAckie Chan Stuntmaster and Crisis Beat.

And here's another bit of interesting detail: some sound effects could be made entirely from scratch and is exclusive only to this game. Such as the enemy plane machine gun sound heard in Crash 3 when I exported it via Crashedit.

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