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by DrO at 8:30 AM EDT on October 16, 2007
just not using the spectrum analyser or modern skins sorts out the issue. is a corruption in some float to int code that for whatever reason craps out with the data in_usf and a few others pass onto winamp (weird i know since the popular formats don't have the issue with idential spectrum data being passed)

by hcs at 9:00 AM EDT on October 16, 2007
Does it involve the funky not-quite-44.1KHz/32KHz/22.05KHz frequencies, perhaps?

edited 9:01 AM EDT October 16, 2007
by zmetallica at 9:46 AM EDT on October 20, 2007
yeah this is bugging me too, but I find if it doesn't hard crash you can skip to the next song quickly and Winamp is fine. Either way I'm not gonna hear my N64 music...

what I'm wondering is if you can just turn off the spectrum analyzer for this kind of file?
by DrO at 12:23 PM EDT on October 20, 2007
you can't disable it for specific files and really is it just that difficult to disable the built in vis for a few weeks until 5.51 is shipped...

hcs: overzealousness in rounding the values down causing things to try and index from [-1] was the issue

by gatekeeper6838 at 12:42 AM EDT on October 23, 2007
Yeah. As I said before, I can only get it to work in classic mode with the analyzer turned off. It sucks, especially if you like the new Bento theme. But, that's the price you pay for adopting new software. It could be worse... it could have stopped working entirely.
by DrO at 8:49 AM EDT on October 23, 2007
well it's the best (and only) workaround and until 5.51 ships there's little else that can be done (unless you revert to 5.35 which won't work correctly with bento from what i remember as it needs 5.5+ features)

by unknownfile at 12:04 PM EDT on October 24, 2007
how about you just use a build that has the visualization code removed?
by gatekeeper6838 at 1:05 AM EDT on October 25, 2007
Is such a build floating around out there somewhere, or would you have to compile it? If you had to compile it, could you disable the visualization code without much effort?
by unknownfile at 10:56 AM EDT on October 25, 2007
yeah, it's just a matter of commenting out some 1-3 lines. i'll build it if you want.
by Omega at 2:03 AM EDT on October 26, 2007
I know I'd want such a version, and suspect that anyone else using 5.5 would as well.

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