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by hcs at 8:18 PM EDT on August 23, 2005
I've tried to see if I can make a small diff between the european and US version, best I have is 6 MB. If you're on dialup and would rather get that than the 32 MB full version let me know.
by Josh W at 8:30 PM EDT on August 23, 2005
Yeah thanks.

Well im at Uni and they got a nice T3 connection. Me thinks that it is much better than dialup.

Well any one would do good for me, but i guess anyone would be nice. :)

edited 12:33 AM EDT August 24, 2005
by hcs at 9:26 PM EDT on August 23, 2005
Well I'm on dialup so it wouldn't make sense to get it from me unless you were, too.

Just Google "n64 roms donkey kong 64", the first page works and has the US version.
by Josh W at 10:04 PM EDT on August 23, 2005
Oh cool.

Hmm, bit slow though. In 4 minutes its downloaded 196k.
by Poobah at 12:13 AM EDT on August 24, 2005

If you have a good BitTorrent client like BitComet, you can choose to download individual N64 roms from the above torrent. Each 7zip archive contains every version of the specified game.

(Please remove this post if it's against this site's rules or anything.)
by Josh W at 8:57 PM EDT on August 25, 2005
Still downloading DK64. Talk about slow rates.

Im at 72% at 12:57 AM EDT on August 26, 2005

now im at 82.5% at 1:34 AM EDT August 26, 2005

Hmmm, i am exactly 14 hours ahead (Australian EST)

edited 1:36 AM EDT August 26, 2005
by Josh W at 2:52 PM EDT on August 29, 2005
Wewll i got the US rom and used it to locate the song select functions in the EU version (would not make sense to convert ~25 patches to the US).

However i am experiencing several problems with the rip process as you gentlemen have also.

However, further investigation into the problem (and ~150 patches - which to no avail), suggests that what i may be doing is correct and it should work in the batch ripper.

What got me thinking this is that the music will play if a different music plugin will play, and if it is ripped using this method - it will produce a tlb error in 64th Note.

This (for me) suggests that the batch ripper is actually at fault, and it shoudl rip perfectly. What i am thinking is that the problem exists in the modified audio plugin. Another occurance i noted, is that the DList count don't go up, and i cant be sure what this means, but i don't think that it is good. But i will be investigating it further.

If only how i could remember how i got the sample working - i forgot.

edited 6:55 PM EDT August 29, 2005
by hcs at 4:56 PM EDT on August 29, 2005
dlist count shouldn't go up if you've stopped graphics generation
by Josh W at 5:04 PM EDT on August 29, 2005
It should if i havnt disabled it before it loaded. The dlist should of gone up to 3, but it didn't.
The dlists should be at 3 before the music plays.
by Josh W at 6:28 PM EDT on August 29, 2005
hcs, do you think that if a rewrite of the batchripper and logging will help to aleviate this problem - cause the savestates work perfectly with all other versions of Pj64 ive tried, so theoretically a rewrite should make it work.

It only logs the memory and rom used, so if nothing else much is changed nothing can go wrong?

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