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by unknownfile at 6:10 AM EDT on August 31, 2005
well, I tried Rocket: Robot on Wheels.

Here is my analysis:

-Game doesn't use standard library calls for loading (though it does use two al calls in memory)
-Regardless of how fast the game is going, the music always runs at the same speed
-Running an unoptimized savestate and ROM in 64th note has this annoying static
by Josh W at 4:24 PM EDT on August 31, 2005
Running an unoptimized savestate and ROM in 64th note has this annoying static

Im surprised that you got even that. A year ago i tried things like that to rip roms (now i know better).

If it doesn't use any standard audi functions then you have to be more intuitive and look for things that seem suspicious.

I found that in most cases, the musicselect function is called by a fucntion that comes off the main thread, ususally with a lot of other jals in it.

Speaking of which my new batchripper is going good, and it is using the Recompiler CPU instead of the Interpreter CPU for tracing.

I am calling it the "Recompiler Batchripper"
Now i gotta find sources for the original Audio and RSP plugins.


by unknownfile at 4:30 PM EDT on August 31, 2005
Everybody say... YATTA!
by hcs at 4:38 PM EDT on August 31, 2005
Recompiler CPU for tracing? I don't see how that could be accurate, any compiled memory accesses won't be properly treated and code that is never run is read by the recompiler and would be included.
by Josh W at 6:02 PM EDT on August 31, 2005
Yes, what i planned to do is to create a mini-assembly routine to call a C function which would be put into the functions of x86.c

That should do it.

Rocket Robot on Wheels - USF notes by unknownfile at 1:23 PM EDT on September 1, 2005
Well, I managed to find out how to make Rocket: Robot on Wheels quit running DLists on the title screen as follows

Set mode to INTERPRETER - otherwise PJ64 will crash! DO NOT TRY THIS UNDER RECOMPILER MODE!

In Project 64 v1.whatever (DON'T use PJ64USF yet):

Add the following cheat code

Name: Lock dlists up

800B9A92 0000
801490B1 0000
801490B3 0000
801490B5 0000
801490B7 0000
801490B9 0000
801490BB 0000
801490BD 0000
801490BF 0000
801490D1 0000
801490D3 0000
801490D5 0000
801490D7 0000
801490D9 0000
801490DB 0000
801490DD 0000
801490DF 0000
801490F1 0000
801490F7 0000

Let the game run through the logo screens, and then after around 300 dlists have been progressed after music starts playing, the game will quit processing aLists. If you are running on recompiler mode, the emulator will return an error.

So far, optimization in Pj64USF has not been successful due to the sparse rom being 0 bytes when it comes out of pj64usf.

Here's what I tried in pj64usf's batch ripper:

Trace: 8000CC0

Song value offset: anything
Song values: 0x2 to 0x2
Spend 4000 alists ripping
Do reset on new data read
by Josh W at 8:00 PM EDT on September 1, 2005
hey hcs, you wouldn't happen to have the original source code to the AudioHLE?

It seems to have disappeared.

While we are sharing USF notes

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter (USA)
MusicSelect Routine: Something(s) that calls 8008B5B0

Song value offset: Patch into A1 at 8008B628

Needed Patches
To remove the SFX Nop out 80089DD0
Graphics removal: NOP out the following:

edited 12:10 AM EDT September 2, 2005
Rocket Robot on Wheels - Savestate by unknownfile at 10:03 AM EDT on September 2, 2005
I have the savestate for Rocket Robot on Wheels up.

I was also able to make a sr64 image, but it doesnt work. AS USUAL.

Feel free to use this if you wish to rip the game.
Find Audio HLE source here by hcs at 1:16 PM EDT on September 2, 2005
I'm fairly sure that's the one I used.
by unknownfile at 4:08 PM EDT on September 5, 2005
By the way, what was the trace address that can be used to trace everything the game accesses again?

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