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by Josh W at 4:26 PM EDT on September 5, 2005
Are you talkin to me?

Well, it doesn't matter - cause i cant get it to work, but you could try either 8008B5B4 or 8008B62C

Then again, i didn't do much unessential code cutting out either.

edited 8:37 PM EDT September 5, 2005
by Mouser X at 6:35 PM EDT on September 14, 2005
Hey, I was asking my dad about compilers. As a professional software engineer, he says he has a few different ones lying around. Seeing as I'm getting bored (more acurately that I feel I'm not doing my part), I was wondering where to get the source code I need so that I can start ripping. I have IDA, and the ROM I need, and savestates, and all that fun stuff. What I need, according to the write up in this thread, is source code so that I can add in my own breakpoint where osCreateThread is. That way, I can find out what's inside the N64 savestate so that I can actually start playing around with its inards. Thanks in advance for any help that can be offered. Mouser X over and out.
by Josh W at 6:47 PM EDT on September 14, 2005
Well you can get the source code Here

You should really use the savestate for analysis as it has all the code already in it and it better and quicker to analyze and uses less memory.

Then once its analysis is done find osCreateThread and get the number before it (usually some thing like 80001234) and use that as your breakpoint and use it's value in A2 (GPR[6].UW[0]) to find your thread.

Ive also found that my IDA plugin can usually find all threads as they use the "standard" function structure.
by hcs at 5:37 PM EDT on September 27, 2005
something I just now added: I created a sig file for n_audio (and the debug version n_audio_d), which is a slightly modified standard audio library (al). The USF Central page now links just to that, the archive contains all known sigs.
I don't know why I had overlooked n_audio before. A few games use it...

edited 9:37 PM EDT September 27, 2005
by unknownfile at 5:26 PM EDT on October 5, 2005
Here's the chatlog from hcs and I on Saturday regarding Diddy kong racing. Diddy Kong Lecture Series
by hcs at 5:57 PM EDT on October 5, 2005
Just note that I make a lot of typos... I don't think you want to read that unless you intend to become incredibly confused.
by hcs at 4:42 AM EST on November 8, 2005
Added another sound library to the list of SIGs, it's libmus from Software Creations. So far I haven't found a single game that uses it, though.
by kode54 at 2:48 AM EST on February 20, 2014
Delete me. (Dashlane was set to automatically "log in" and posted an empty post. Perhaps the forum should be updated to not allow empty replies?)

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