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by Ultrafighter at 1:00 AM EDT on May 24, 2017
@Marcusss: I also forgot about another possibility in regards to CRI audio. If you demux USM videos with VGMToolBox and get unplayable ADXs try changing extension from *.adx to *.hca, it might work. In any case it worked with a movie or two from Yakuza 0.
And I'm glad to hear about Amped 3, neat work!

Edit: Hey Bnnm, I'm wondering if this falls into "emergency bugfixes" category... In any case this is not very urgent but getting rid of the problem would still be appreciated.
I've just remembered about Conan (2007) for X360 and its FSB multichannel 4-bit IMA ADPCM. There're mostly 4&6 channel BGMs and many of them play now. However some don't and I can't see a valid reason for that. For example an original audio bank holds 3 streams and the first 2 play fine while the last one doesn't (it's obvious I used FSBii to split given FSB file into multiple individual-track ones), you can hear loud static sounds but nothing remotely resembling VGM.
Maybe there's a pattern here? In smaller bank with 5 streams the first two also play fine but the 3rd and so on don't sound right at all (horrible static and nothing more). BTW I uploaded both to MEGA for your convenience.
Can you look at those samples? More can be found here, I included most sound archives (untouched *.fsb files) in my release because of that troublesome codec (listener was expected to drag & drop all FSBs into ToWAV.exe and get their music converted to PCM, 2 or 3 stereo layers per track. One could get original multi-layered ADPCM tracks with help of FSBext but such files couldn't be played back anyway, at least in VGMstream. ToWAV also wasn't able to dump such WAVs to PCM correctly, one had to process initial FSBs in order to acquire clean music without any static in it).
Thanks in advance! Best regards!

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Edit #2: Hi Bnnm, I found some XBox XAUs which are currently unplayable. Strangely enough I can't even play WAVs contained in them, for some reason they're identified as WWise ADPCM instead of expected IMA. I tried both *.lwav & *.wav extensions and still no dice.
All in all I don't remember having such problems with any BGM files back in the day when I originally ripped the game. Can you give me a hand here? I compiled all those tracks in one package and here it is. I hope this is not too much to ask...
Best wishes, Ultrafighter!

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by Ultrafighter at 10:27 AM EDT on May 25, 2017
Excuse me for double-posting Knurek & pardon me Bnnm once again! I'm here with another batch of samples which should be easy or not so simple to implement, maybe it's really the last one and there's gonna be a long break.
Anyway here it is, a pack containing currently unsupported *.p3d files from Prototype (2009) [PS3/X360] & both convertible and not convertible ASFs/SNGs/EAMs/whatever from Battlefield 2 - Modern combat [X360].

When it comes to Prototype 1-2 only P3Ds from PC version are playable ATM, they hold "Radical 4-bit IMA ADPCM (mono)" encoded tracks but usually have 2 channels, at least they play as stereo files (maybe each container with "Prototype P3D header" has 2 mono ADPCM tracks in it, I don't really know).
Console ports use XMA & MP3, the former can be extracted out of a *.p3d file with Alpha23's BMS script but the latter is much more troublesome. One can change extension to *.mp3 & try to play those tracks but audio quality would be very bad in such scenario: all glitchy and stuttering. Also those troublemakers are always identified as mono MP3s while they should be stereo ones and it gives us twice more this garbled sound gibberish I was talking about.
Can it be something similar to (multichannel) MP3 XVAGs used by Naughty dog in The last of us or Uncharted 3? Some kind of untypical interleaved MPEG maybe?
What makes it worse is that sequel uses the very same audio format too! If we can't listen to Prototype 1 (PS3) streamed VGM properly then this also applies to the 2nd videogame. This is truly sad although sequel's score is much more blank and pale than original music from the 1st game.

BF2:MC for X360 utilizes both EAlayer3 & some unknown codec, I found a converter for the latter by accident (it outputs PCM wave forms of given tracks) but proper support by VGMStream wouldn't hurt either. Of course I included sx.exe (Sound eXchange) just in case, I can also upload entire "(Convertible) Interactive music (zones 01A - 02A, 03A - 04).7z" to Mega if you want me to do it, it's 252 MBs archive inside my rip.
BTW BF2: Modern combat for original XBox also utilizes EAlayer3, its dynamic BGM is partially encoded using that codec but I only put MP3 conversions in my final set for the game (that release is on JoshW servers too).

And the very last thing: here you can find ASFs from Burnout - Crash! [X360], those files are convertible with ealayer3.exe. I also suspect all MP3s from this gamerip were created using that tool too.
I even have suspicions that Skate 3 [PS3] & NBA Jam - On fire edition [PSN/XBLA] utilize the codec in question too but I haven't even attempted ripping those titles myself, Alpha has ripped them both though. Command & conquer 3 - Red alert 3 for most or all platforms should use ealayer3 too, it had been unrippable for quite some time and only line-in rips were possible at that time.

Take care!
by bnnm at 2:54 PM EDT on May 25, 2017
IIRC fsbii (FSB4) and fsb5_split (FSB5) can't split FSB IMAs correctly. I did tests before and seemed like with FSB IMAs the offsets should be aligned somehow, I'll try again later.
Happens with others FSB IMA sets at joshw too, ex.- Hard Corps PS3. They must be reripped once fsbii/split are fixed.

Those XAU are a bit funny but fixable.

For P3D, some samples/set from Prototype 2 PC would be more useful actually, since the rest are in joshw, to test I don't break anything.

That sx tool is useful (PRO-TIP for devs: try the hidden -history flag).

I'll fix eventually but I ask for your patience.
by AnonRunzes at 3:03 PM EDT on May 25, 2017
@bnnm - So, you`re getting back to work after a break, eh?
by bnnm at 3:25 PM EDT on May 25, 2017
Sure, sometime later though. This stuff is fun times but time-consuming so I'll relegate it to work breaks or so.
For now I'll do more productive things like gym stuff and clearing my backlog (GachiTora was great and pure GTO, Zelda ALBW disappointing, Siren 2 sucked though I loved the prequel and remake, Silent Hill 4 is terrible; SMT4 don't fail me...!).
by AnonRunzes at 4:35 PM EDT on May 25, 2017
@bnnm - My backlog has none of that unfortunately. In fact, it`s literally non-existent at this point.

To be perfectly honest, I`m more interested in data-mining games from across the sea rather than actually playing them, regardless if my copy is legitimately bought or not.

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by marcusss at 10:31 PM EDT on May 25, 2017
Hi all..

I was ripping the game Dungeon Fighter LIVE and the game has a fair amount of OGG files as Background music as well as Scene music but NOT ONE works !!

Inside a hex editor I can see a mention of OGGS but looks a little different to the usual OGG.




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by bxaimc at 7:12 AM EDT on May 26, 2017
Binary Domain is AAX with hca streams instead of adx encoded streams.
by marcusss at 8:27 AM EDT on May 26, 2017
Thanks bxaimc. I will get to it when i get home. Those oggs above in Dungeon Fighter look like wwise or these issues were like I had previously with IMA but nothing plays. Renamed to wem results in staticy music so is off a little... wondering how i get it working..Hmm

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by AnonRunzes at 10:00 AM EDT on May 26, 2017
Here is one of these files that won`t play properly on vgmstream:

So, despite of all .ss2/.ads files being PCM, vgmstream instead detects them as PlayStation 4-bit ADPCM(except one). I can post a .ss2/.ads sample that has actual ADPCM data if you wish, since vgmstream has an odd codec detection with this one.

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