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by marcusss at 11:44 PM EDT on May 29, 2017
Hi all. I have had a few troubles with riping some games recently.

UT3 for x360
UT3 unreal engine .xxx example
Files crash when trying to extract with latest umodel. Seems slightly different to other games that extract using umodel even though it should work ...Is there a unreal engine 3 bms script to extract from .xxx files? I saw there is a UE4 one for pak?? files. Im probably too tired to notice if there was one as i usually use umodel.

worms fort under siege title No extension and unable to play in vgmstream. Seems adpcm like?? They were extracted from the .aud archive in music folder.

Dungeon fighter live! Fall of hendon myre Supposedly OGG but unplayable so probably somethinf different.just a coincedence it has an ogg extension perhaps..

Binary domain aix with aixp headers AIXP all throughout aix files. I reripped the game but still unplayable and wont rip as hca in vgmtb as some suggested it maybe does extract to adx in vgmtb but probably wrong as resulting adx contain static-like music.

I also had a crack at TimeSplitters FP for xbox. The music unfortunately is in an archive .pak file..yeah another 1 of 100+ god damn custom pak files. Hahah its header has p5ck far no luck. Can upload when i get a chance.. like 100mb or so.

Any help would be appreciated. Maybe i'm blind or tires but had trouble with these files.

Thanks and sorry to bother you guys


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by Ultrafighter at 2:13 AM EDT on May 31, 2017
Regarding Unreal tournament 3 I can only recommend using HCS64's fsbii.exe on all XXX files with prefix "Music_" or "soundtrack_" or something like that. For example Gildor's standard unpacker (not decompressor) didn't work on WWE All stars or Wheelman (both for X360) so I used that tiny utility by HCS to get FSBs to work with. Maybe Epic games used FMOD containers too and extraction of each and every file out of an *.xxx archive is not really required? It'd be swell and much easier if my wish was made true!
by marcusss at 3:12 AM EDT on May 31, 2017
Hi Ultrafighter !

Yeah normally only 10 or so files contain the music in them. Usually the larger .xxx files. I ripped with umodel many times but this time I will try to use another way like you suggested for example.. just to try to grab them from inside (if we kinda know what is inside ) rather than decoding the xxx files.

Btw i took a look at Mechassault 2: Lone Wolf for Xbox. That large xwb music archive file had 99 xwb inside and i did rip GI Joe rise of cobra on xbox360. I found that sb51 movie file. I guess xbox360 and ps3 have the same music.

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by Ultrafighter at 3:29 PM EDT on May 31, 2017
It's really comforting to hear that GI Joe: The rise of cobra didn't give you any serious trouble. Of course an assortment of tracks, their amount and play length should be more or less the same on all platforms except portables or Nintendo consoles, on the other hand codec which devs chose for the next port of the game has to vary on most / all platforms.
It's obvious I'm expecting both stereo / mono & 5.1 XMA2 files on X360 but technically speaking developers could use FSB MPEG there too (and they could choose PlayStation 4-bit ADPCM instead of FSB MP3 on PS3).

As for identifying contents of sound archives I'd say WinHex or any similar editor (but not notepad, for the love of god!!) helps a lot, simply open a file that is being inspected in it, use Ctrl+F4 shortcut and look for some of the most common codec identifiers: FSB3 or FSB4 (maybe even FSB2 & FSB5), RIFF & WAVEfmt, maybe even XMA. Such editors are not convenient for extraction of many individual tracks by hand and this is when QuickBMS & Alpha23's generic splitter script step on the scene.

And the last: it's possible that your new Mechassault 2 set is gonna overwrite my previous one but we still have this even older version with transcoded movies but the same 99 tracks.
Anyway your variant is still welcome, maybe it'll be the 3rd one to be archived in VGM collection as well as other ones, he-he... I mean what if they'll all be on servers at the same time? In any case it's up to Knurek to decide which one to delete and which one to save...

G.I. Joe XBOX360 and MechAssault 2 XBOX by marcusss at 9:24 PM EDT on May 31, 2017
Hi Ultrafighter,

I couldn't really find anything else for the XB360 version of G.I. Joe. The Mono folder has no music just SE. There were indeed Stereo and 5.1 music folders plus plenty of decoded ADX audio from those USM movies. The 5.1 music are FSB4 Mpeg 5.1 @ 588kbps. The total size is 600MB

MechAssault 2 for XBOX has 99 XWB audio that I found. Another time I can check more but I couldn't find much else so gave up. I did get BIK audio from a few BIK movies using BAU codec.. SOme play in VGMStream but some crap out. HA HA...But they all play with VLC.

Oh yeah one of those XWBs is 8 bit (Music.DVD_050.xwb) and contains static when played but when decoded to PCM sounsd fine.. I kept both files in the rip.

Today I had fun ripping a game for the XBOX360 called The Cave. The game had lots of music files with FSB extension but none played. Turned out they were encrypted FSB archives. After getting the password I decrypted them. The music contains FSB5 and FSB4 packed music. Usually I see one or the other but this game had both.. Anyway I will upload them later. Anyway I felt better once the music played :-)

Also one more thing Ultrafighter
I did process those FSBs in The Crew further and ended up with close to 10hrs of music !! 261 Vorbis FSB files and just 2 XMA :D At least they are tagged. I must have forgot to process them again! BTW song called Electro_Glass_Candy__Digital_Versicolor.fsb & Electro_Blood_Dragon__Sloans_Assault.fsb sound cool haha. Much more music to listen to now ;D

I can upload the rip again or Knurek can just use FSB5_split on the original uploaded FSBs. Either is fine.

One Thing I wanted to ask The VGMStream guys team is about including a .FSBkey? I saw there is an ADX and HCA key file support. In the above case the encrypted FSBs were archives and inside FSBs were not encrpyted of course but should a lot of SINGLE encrypted FSBs pop up it would be great to have a single key rather than having to decrypt each file. I'm sure a script coul probably batch decrypt files so probably isn't necessary but thought I'd ask anyway :-)


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by Ultrafighter at 5:49 AM EDT on June 1, 2017
Hello Marcusss! You don't have to worry about possible incompleteness of the newest rips, I totally agree with your notion in regards to both G.I. Joe & MechAssault 2. You should stop there because you've already found enough BGM & even demuxed videos from these two titles (it's really appreciated in MA2's case since there's some almost clean music in its movies, I mean VGM without any SFX or VO on the background), it's some truly nice work and I commend you for this!

In case you wanna play with guessfsb.exe some more you can try ripping Monster jam (2007) for PC, I originally recorded its BGM while playing the game but later reripped it with that GuessFSB tool & ToWAV (or was it FSBext?) Anyway it happened so long ago I didn't save initial ADPCM files or even decoded PCM WAVs, I only have OGG transcodes now but would like to reacquire those tracks in native encoding. Of course I can post some music samples if you're not so interested but a bit curious to find out what kind of soundtrack that videogame has. But you'll be praised as a forum hero if you process this title without really knowing a thing about its soundtrack!

And IIRC there were both FSB2 & FSB3 archives in Hot wheels: Highway 35 world race (PC) but they only contained SFX + VO, not any VGM.

In regard to The crew: ah, so it turns out I didn't really have to decode all but two FSBs to PCM wave with help of FSB Audio extractor, I could simply use FSB5_split.exe on them! I've already listened through 55% or 60% of game soundtrack anyway. OK, next time I'll use FSB5 Split, it'll save me quite some space on HDD for sure.

BTW aren't three tracks with prefix "Electro_Blood_Dragon__" taken from Far cry 3: Blood dragon OST? I only listened to gamerip quite some time ago so I'm unsure about origin of those compositions.
And a bit more on the subject: there's even a track from Driver: San Francisco, it's Chig_Rock_The_Heavy_How_Do_You_Like_Me_Now_St. However Videogame soundtracks Wiki says that this song also appeared in three (!) more videogames. Well, I'll keep it in mind from now on.

@Bnnm: I'm sorry to bother you but how is it going with the latest VGMStream for Winamp / XMPlay? I wholeheartedly thankful for implementation of MTA2 codec but I absolutely need in_vgmstream & xmp-vgmstream to convert 12ch along with 16ch files to PCM. After that I'll be able to either listen to then via an audio editor or split 'em into a pair of 8ch tracks or 3 individual files with 4 channels each. The latter should be playable in Foobar 2000 but this doesn't apply to 8+ ch. original files, Foobar can't even decode them (I encountered similar problem with Hyrule warriors rip) but XMPlay should be able to do it.
So when can we expect the latest rendition of plugin? There's obviously no ETA but I'll be glad if it happens soon!

So long!
by bnnm at 1:23 PM EDT on June 1, 2017
@Marcusss - .fsbkey is technically possible but harder to implement than adx/hca keys, so not very high on the list.

@Ultrafighter - Seems I forgot to actually upload winamp and co last time.
It happens me sometimes, don't hesitate to ask if it isn't up after I post the changelog.

latest vgmstream (2017-05-21 ver): (foobar / test+winamp+xmplay / bug list)

Didn't realize foobar can't play many-ch files. I'll see if there is something we could do, I've toying with a quick downsampler idea.
by Y.W. Ahn at 2:25 AM EDT on June 2, 2017
By the way, XMPlay input plugin doesn't seem to play some files looping properly, such as .scd files from Kingdom Hearts HD Remixes(I know these files are mp3 files, and looks like XMplay treats them like any other mp3 files...). That doesn't happen to foobar2000 component.(Could not test WinAMP plugin at all, for it crashes for the reason I don't know)
by bnnm at 10:10 AM EDT on June 2, 2017
I'm guessing XMPlay's MP3 decoder ignores the extension and tries to play any MP3-looking file before vgmstream. How strange!

You can fix this (and others) by going to options > plugins > input > vgmstream and in the "priority filetypes" put: ckd,fsb,genh,msf,rak,scd,xvag

I didn't see a way to fix it automatically I'm afraid.
by ChillyBilly at 1:13 AM EDT on June 4, 2017
I'd like to bring up another issue: A while back, I ripped the game Charinko Hero for the Gamecube, and found that the music comes in these ".itl" files that are unplayable (at least for me). I looked into them with a hex editor and discovered they had DSP data, so I tried changing the file extension to .dsp, and found to my surprise that the music DID play.... but it was quite distorted. So I'm wondering if there's a way to make this game's music play properly? Here is a sample file that may prove useful.

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