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by marcusss at 10:15 AM EDT on October 16, 2017
Hi guys I have ripped the music from another decent looking Android game from Rayark, Implosion as it has some nice music especially during battles.. Problem is every file has many pieces grouped together Some music files will have 30 secs of voice, then 1 min music, then 1 min voice, 3 mins music, then voice etc.. quite annoying.

Implosion example
Implosion Example 1
Implosion Example 2

Just the usual programs I use cannot separate the music. (Perhaps this how the mp3s ingame are designed, so wanted to know any vgmtb settings could split the music based on its LAME*** headers as I can't get it quite right (songs tend to have a lot of LAME mentioned of course so hard to automate it... or is it?? I try not to do it all manually as lots of Android games lately are very time consuming to rip and sit through the countless files

Some games in the past were one long mp3 stream which is easy to split with Hex but these kind of files are more annoying so asking for some advice :-)

FYI I also have the iOS version too so might give that version a look as well to see differences or if that is easier to rip. lol

The music is really good ! Reminds me of GI Joe which Ultrafighter pointed me to :-)

Pity every file has songs/voice all grouped together in an odd way.. Probably order of events or something WHy can't they just have separate files for god's sake hahah


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by bnnm at 7:13 PM EDT on October 16, 2017
@Ultrafighter - those tracks are headerless (needs GENH/TXTH, interleave is 0x4000). But note that in some PS2 games the header is in other files/exe.
PS2 rips using .ss2 uploaded in ~ april 2015 are likely transmogrified (why not GENH...? :S).

@marcusss - there is nothing you can use to split, the indexes must be in another file (if it's unity a companion file usually has the names and offsets).
by AceK at 1:09 AM EDT on October 17, 2017
Another question (may not be valid if other songs provides an exception to this request), is there a possibility of .MIB interleaved files to have a script that ignores any silence strings at EOF?

The example that came in mind was the rips for Tekken 4. There is leftover "0C020000000000000000000000000000" strings at the EOF on some files. If played continuously with another track just ahead, the next played song will have a barely noticeable silence played (where the silence is derived from the previous track) just before it plays. In the actual game, the silence is not present and flows appropriately. I am assuming that the driver used to playback the songs in-game has a detection for silence at the EOF and omits it per stream.

Unless another game does not follow this rule for headerless Sony ADPCM files, is there a possibility for this to be implemented?

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by Ultrafighter at 5:40 AM EDT on October 18, 2017
@Bnnm - I'm sure it isn't the case with MIB+MIH pairs when it comes to Hunter: The reckoning - Wayward so probably headers or file specs were in EXE (if there're any to begin with).

Also I presume I can explain a bit why he often transmogrified stuff in the past and rarely made *.genh files. Actually I managed to get an explanation from him via PM years ago: he only resorts to GENH when other means don't work because any PS2 is able to play back SS2 or VAG files (he's written some BMS code to add such headers to headerless streams you know), any X360 can play XMA (XMA1 streams to be specific, the ones created using his scripts) but no console will ever be able to play GENH tracks (as it seems). I didn't quite get why he should even think about such backwards compatibility since he doesn't make VGM mods, he simply creates streams that are playable on any device which supports VGMstream but anyway, I believe it's up to him to decide how to process tracks if needed and what makes a rip streamed one.
I guess everyone has his own methods so that he's fine as long as his gamerips are still streamed (I still consider his sets streamed ones and don't think that each and every header-manipulated rip by him has to be reripped but it's just my opinion, I'm not any kind of BGM ripping purist). I don't see any huge flaws in his older rips as I use looping very rarely and I wouldn't mind even if his methods removed loop info from resulting files.

PS. You should take my word for that Alpha's quote because I deleted that original PM long time ago.
by bnnm at 2:02 PM EDT on October 18, 2017
@AceK - while it could be implemented I'd first check if any other .mib would benefit or break with that.

@Ultrafighter - don't misunderstand me, if you get your music playing that's cool in my book.
But when I get a set I hope it's "reliable", instead of me having to guess if it doesn't loop or play ok because the files are like that or somebody was tinkering too much. At least put some warning :S
by AceK at 9:16 PM EDT on October 19, 2017

Some tests done with Devil May Cry (BGM01.mib & BGM28.mib) which contains loop pointers:

*Removal of all "0C020000000000000000000000000000" strings at EOF in a .mib file containing loop properties will result in unfavorable results, in which it discards looping information entirely.

*However, leaving one remainder of "0C020000000000000000000000000000" at the EOF (while omitting the other instances at the EOF) in a .mib file containing loop properties will leave the loop information intact, resulting the stream total samples to have a decrease in value (not having any effect with the loop itself).

Will update soon (maybe make a new post) to mention how other files handle the change. Might need to also cross-compare Tekken 4 tracks from the .mib in playlist form with how it plays in-game "indefinitely". Silences weren't there by ear, but who knows if even a small msec of silence is present...

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by marcusss at 10:40 PM EDT on October 21, 2017
Hi bnnm.

Are you able to help me out a little with these wwise files. I etracted them from the game Heroes of Ark on iOS. I thought like other games, it was the usual .wem vorbis but doesn't play quite right.

They all start with the header

52 49 46 46 4A RIFFJ

3 x Wwise Examples



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by Ultrafighter at 11:10 AM EDT on October 26, 2017
Hi Bnnm! I'm wondering if mex_song_02.awc from interactive_music folder in your Red dead redemption PS3 rip can be fixed at some point. For some reason it's identified as mono ATM while I'm almost sure it should be multi-track 14ch. or even 16ch. file as all other mex_song_0*.awc (or ftr_song_0*.awc and nrt_song_0*.awc for that matter).
Here it is (mex_song_02.awc obviously) just in case. I hope this will be solved somehow.

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by AnonRunzes at 3:12 PM EDT on October 26, 2017
So, apparently the latest vgmstream version can't play these .ADP files from Omikron The Nomad Soul anymore. I can post samples if needed.
iOS ADPCM inside uasset by marcusss at 1:17 PM EDT on October 27, 2017
Actually bnnm, another game has a similar problem decoding. Unreal Engine game...Inside the uassets are WEM files with an unknown ADPCM? Well in a He editor it does mention ADPCM in the header info.

Deinitely sounds ADPCM'ish as microsot adpcm has music playing, but very scratchy and bad for the ears. lol . An iOS ADPCM variant I guess.

Samples from the game Angels in the Sky iOS
3 BGM themes

I guess it is probably all new to you as well. When I ran the uasset in Raviolli it shows as WEM file but using the ADPCM variant as its codec and results in scratchy audio. If I cut header to RIFF it results in the same Audio so must be correct?

Cheers, Mark

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