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by ChillyBilly at 11:03 PM EDT on April 3, 2018
So, the good news: VJ works for me now! I tried applying the update again and restarted foobar, and the files now play perfectly! The bad news: The PDT files still give me trouble. Just to be clear, the subsongs DO show up, it's just the playback that's the problem. I even tried playing them after splitting them with PDTExt, but it was still no good, sadly. I also checked the properties and it indeed shows "Hudson .PDT header" as the metadata source, so I have no idea what the heck is going on in my end, lol. Guess I'll try another player like I said before and see how that turns out. Still, thanks again for walking through this with me!
by Ultrafighter at 5:26 AM EDT on April 4, 2018
@Bnnm - "If only EALayer3 was so simple..."
I guess it means it does lots of tasks automatically and details of its work are mostly dev's secret? For example when I fed ealayer3.exe that 1st portion of MoH MP BGMs (not even specifying any additional keys in command line) and the tool managed to convert those to playable MP3s it actually analyzed input, probably selected some specific version of that EA MPEG variant (like v1 or v2S), possibly set some offset for successful decoding (I mean found actual stream start that's not necessarily 0x0) & output those *.mp3 files I'm talking about? This is how I understand it but it might be not entirely correct.
That 2nd batch of multiplayer tracks seems to be of ADPCM nature though, I can hear some music in resulting SNS+SNR if I set EA-XAS codec in but no matter how many channels I set sound is pretty bad and plagued by static. I presume I should trim given assets (right now I'm only experimenting with untouched PYTHON_Music_*_Wave.res files which I renamed to *.sns) a bit for this BMS to work properly but finding that stream start is another thing entirely, it's going to be the hardest phase of the whole "campaign" I guess...
Or maybe this troublesome second pack of compositions can't be dealt with using such a method? I now realize that the first lot of tracks had this name mask: "PYTHON_Music_*_WaveDataSns_1.res" while the 2nd one uses "PYTHON_Music_*_Wave.res", I guess it means something?

And while I'm at it: is there any progress with State of emergency 2 MIB/MIH streams or EA audio archives / segmented BGMs with MGAV headers (Freekstyle & Supercross, not Supercross 2000 but "Supercross 2001", the one which has 5 S.AV files in MUSIC# folders)? I believe it won't ever hurt to ask although it's a very pleasant surprise too whenever a format is added to VGMstream and we get to know about it reading your changelogs for the latest plugin update (that STX container (?) from Kakuto chojin is a perfect example).

All the best!
by ChillyBilly at 12:20 AM EDT on April 7, 2018
Well, putting aside the PDT business for now, here's the data for Silpheed and Get Ride, as I promised earlier:

Get Ride Data

Silpheed Data

^Wasn't sure which files to include, so I just threw in everything but the sound folders (which were already posted). Hopefully, there's something helpful in those archives....

And on to new business, I've got a couple other requests! First up, I looked into Super Robot Taisen GC for the Gamecube. I extracted what I believe is the music archive, but... well, it's got me stumped once again, lol. Here's the data (and what I believe is the accompanying header info):

SRWGC wave.pak

Next up concerns a much more recent release. I'm interested in getting the music for the PC version of Attack on Titan 2, which comes in this "ktsl2stbin" archive. Being a Koei Tecmo game, I figured it might use the KVS/KOVS format, but... looking into a it a bit, it's apparently some sort of OGG variant. Anyways, I couldn't get anything playable from the darn thing, hence me posting about it here. And here's the archive in question:

Attack on Titan 2 BGM

That's all for now. Thanks again in advance for looking into these, bnnm and co.!
by Infernus Animositas at 2:40 AM EDT on April 7, 2018

If you split the .ktsl2stbin by the "KOVS" header, vgmstream can play them back with looping data included :)

They're 4 channel 48000Hz OGG Vorbis.
by Anterag at 9:35 AM EDT on April 7, 2018

Thank you so much for your script to extract The Simpsons Game PS3 *.MUS archives. It works perfectly!
by ChillyBilly at 1:19 AM EDT on April 8, 2018
@Infernus: Thanks for the tip! BTW, just to be clear, what method would you suggest for splitting the archive? I'm guessing either QuickBMS or Python? I'm admittedly inexperienced with the latter tool, so if you or anyone knows of an available BMS script, that would really help!

And my last request for the time being: I ripped the game Metronomicon for the PC, and the music comes in these ".eno" files. Now, I'm fairly confident that these are OGG containers, and I even found a BMS script that extracts them, but is it maybe possible to make the original ENO files playable? As always, here's the goods:

Metronomicon + BMS script

Thanks in advance again, guys!
by Ultrafighter at 2:28 AM EDT on April 8, 2018
Hi Bnnm, may I ask you for help with F.E.A.R. 2 for PC? I'd really appreciate it if you looked into this sound archive format and tried to understand it.
There's an extractor for it but I don't quite trust it since its output is always much smaller than input & all the audio in the game is supposed to be 16-bit PCM. I tested SNDs I upped with a TXTH & there seems to be an uninterrupted stream of SFX, BGM & VO with small clicks in between.
It all adds up to my reasoning not to use SNDExtractor.exe if there's a single workaround. That's why some alternative will be most welcome, be it a BMS or another tiny special tool.
Oh and I almost forgot to mention that OrangeC also thinks this utility misses at least one composition in a level-specific file, need I tell you more?

Thanks again for implementing Kakuto chojin STX files but quite a few of them still don't play. Those tracks (StageStream*.stx) should be mostly ambience anyway if memory serves. Selector & Theme_Intro must be BGM though, can we expect them to be added to plugin in the next update?
Even Crusher.stx refuses to be played back and this one's definitely music... Some other character themes aren't supported yet, I can post entire listing of unplayable ones if you like.
Edit: here it is:

Best regards!

edited 2:35 AM EDT April 8, 2018
by Infernus Animositas at 5:30 AM EDT on April 8, 2018

I used VGMToolbox's Advanced Cutter/Offset Finder to split them.

Here's a screenshot of the settings I used
by bnnm at 5:38 AM EDT on April 8, 2018
latest vgmstream changes (autobuilds (MSVC) / foobar / test+winamp+xmplay (GCC) / bug list)
- Fix correctly test.exe -L
- Fix 6ch EALayer3 in EA SCHl [Medal of Honor 2010 (PC)]
- Add .MS/VBX/SLB/OVB extensions
- Add .msb+msh sfx [EyeToy Play (PS2), Ace Combat 2 (PS2)]
- Fix Ubi Jade (.waa/wad/wad/wam) [Beyond Good & Evil (PS3), Rayman Rabbids (Wii/PS2)]
- Add Ubi LyN (.sns/son/wav) [Adventures of Tintin, From Dust (multi)]
- Add .rpgmvo Ogg [RPG Maker MV games]
- (dev) Cleanup


@Ultrafighter - Just saying .sns/snr are not easy to identify, so unless you know exactly how they look and write custom tools it'll be hard to extract those .res.
MGAV I'm having trouble to demux them.
State of Emergency 2 many files don't have the .MIH (header), so I'm not sure what could be done.
FEAR will check later.
STX I don't see anything wrong in the code, can you check if Ekzbox plays them? Maybe should be re-ripped or are just silent.

@ChillyBilly - After extraction SRWGC streams need a feature vgmstream doesn't support yet.
.eno will add.
Also I don't understand why one song in Caladrius Blaze plays funny, it's weird
by Anterag at 7:19 AM EDT on April 8, 2018
@Bnnm Your work is clearly unbelievable on vgmstream. I need to report something though. I renamed all the WAV files into LWAV for The Adventures of Tintin PC and all the files play perfectly on foobar2000 except two of them, which are called "Music~Fear~01~LP" and "Music~Fear~02~LP". Instead of being detected as Ogg Vorbis, they play as Nintendo Gamecube DSP 4-bit ADPCM. Could you fix this? Thank you.
Edit: same for PS3

edited 7:20 AM EDT April 8, 2018

edited 7:35 AM EDT April 8, 2018

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