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by AnonRunzes at 12:02 PM EDT on April 22, 2018
>hello, can you tell me if you've completed your Rage X360 rip or not? If yes then I'll be truly glad to get a copy because it simply has to use the highest quality available... I suppose?
i don't have it anymore. as i used to fill up my diskspace with PS3/X360 games that contained the "id Tech 5" meme technology, it was time to make space for other stuff. i also planned to rip all the "music" available from Brink(2011) but unfortunately that eventually fell out as well.

what's even funnier is that when i did manage to listen to a few music compositions the game has to offer i was instantly put off by how mediocre it actually was, which kinda discouraged me for doing it.

>It has to be VBR XMA, am I right?
XMA's encoding method is actually based on CBR, which means that the whole "the higher the bitrate the slower the blocksize" mentality is in play with this codec. i'd be surprised if anyone mentioned at least one game who uses an audio codec that actually used some kind of VBR encoding method in at least one of its files.

>And its bitrate is way higher than that of MP3s from PS3 ver., correct?
i remember the bitrate used for the XMA files being around 152kbps or something. nothing too comparable with the 160kbps bit rate you see with the MP3 files that were used in the game. although the audio quality is indeed "higher" on the XBOX360 version than the audio quality of the PS3 version, and only because it didn't restrict itself to the usual "lossy codec" frequency cutoffs if you pass all the decoded XMA->WAV files (through vgmstream that is) to a spectrogram tool by the likes of spek.

also, here's my "deinterleave" script(again) just in case:
alpha23 somehow managed to make his script into a broken mess, which is funny since his other scripts are actually functional... most of the time anyway.

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by Ultrafighter at 7:13 AM EDT on April 23, 2018
>all the "music" from Brink (2011)
I'd also say it had very little actual music but mostly loads of atmospheric ambient BGM, sometimes mixed with SFX (loading screens I guess). And additionally I didn't quite like that there're dozens of super-short loops even in OrangeC's rip, maybe those small cues weren't supposed to loop in the first place though.
All in all it might be a nice score that works perfectly in game but still I'm sure that Bob & Barn could do much better.

>when i did manage to listen to a few music compositions the game has to offer i was instantly put off by how mediocre it actually was
I believe it can really be a cause to stop ripping some VG soundtrack, I actually agree with the point that both Rednote's & Abernethy's music is nothing too special and definitely not a pinnacle of VGM. But keeping all this in mind I'd still say that I absolutely love Eat lead - The return of Matt Hazard & especially Wheelman scores; Rage along with Alpha protocol are quite good too. Oh and I almost forgot Dead head Fred!
And the last thing that's quite important: I'll always be the 1st man to say/prove that theirs/his Earth defense force - Insect Armageddon and especially BlackSite - Area 51 soundtracks are boring as hell. Everyone has his highs & lows I presume.

As for ripping Rage for X360: I'll probably do it myself one day. I hope it doesn't use that nasty "headers are kept separate from streams" routine? Even if it does I expect respective script made for PC port to work with pairs of headerless/header files.

Big thanks for, I'm sure it works way better than old version of Alpha23's script I had to use earlier.
Alas, that issue with the last 1-2 seconds of each layer remains but I don't think it has something to do with your code. It sounds like mash-up of all the layers at once during those last seconds & it's almost unnoticeable in a few layers but utterly apparent in others. I'll have to think about what can be done about it.

Good day!
PS. And if it's not too much to ask: are you AnonBaiter from ZenHAX forum?

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by AnonRunzes at 11:20 AM EDT on April 23, 2018
>And if it's not too much to ask: are you AnonBaiter from ZenHAX forum?


in other news, i have written another script that has the same purpose as

again, it's for personal use only.


o yea, and while i'm at it i might as well post another sample here for anyone considering "adding" support to unknown formats into vgmstream.

without further ado, here it is...

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by Ultrafighter at 12:50 PM EDT on April 27, 2018
Hello Bnnm, I'm back with a few issues to report and I hope you'll find time to look into them. All the samples are in a single package this time.

First of all I've just found out that all EAM files with Little Endian 16-bit PCM codec from Need for speed 3 Hot pursuit (PC) are unplayable but one tiny tool I had to redownload plays them all fine. You can scan those *.eam & play found segments one by one or extract them with a specific BMS (split by "SCHl" string) then add 'em to playlist, it should work either way.
I guess fixing playback of this old EA format isn't extremely hard but I still included the program I was talking about just in case (and for reference of course). I've not used it for many years now but I figured out how to toggle playlist or where to look for important buttons very quickly. I believe you'll get used to it rather quick too (if you'll have to use that player in the 1st place).

The 2nd title I'm having some troubles with is named Far cry: Instincts - Evolution (Xbox exclusive VG). There're 2 *.SS2 files in sounds_xb folder and both play perfectly with a TXTH I made but there's the 3rd one, a real troublemaker: it sounds alright up until
0:42 & from 3:18 till the end (3 minutes 59 seconds). The middle part which seriously concerns me is just static. I tried a few different types of IMA (both 1ch/2ch) but the nasty midst still sounds like audio garbage.
Maybe initial file can be split somehow? Despite the name this naughty SS2 file isn't supposed to be a container for multiple tracks, it's titled M_MenuMusic.SS2 after all and is quite small to contain more than 1 composition (keeping in mind its ADPCM nature).
And just in case you're wondering: there're only *.SS2 files in sounds_xb directory, not a single *.SP0 or *.SP# or something; oh and dsstdfx.bin is placed there but I don't think this is what we need...

And finally can you please check if *.yuk from Full auto 2 (PS3) deinterleave fine? I originally listened to them with 44 KHz & those short glitches in the end are more noticeable that way.
BTW did you set 48 KHz in your TXTH because there's some hint at such sample rate in YUK bigfiles or choose it simply because it's one of the most common values for frequency in modern games? Having compared select deinterleaved layers to some Full auto 1 tracks (FA2 reuses quite a few compositions from the first installment) I decided that 48 KHz is much more likely value but I'd still like to hear your thoughts about it.
And the final consideration of mine: probably I'm making up this whole problem, I force myself to think that ending blocks might be split incorrectly or Full auto's sequel requires some distinct variation of but these last seconds of most layers (a few layers end with a second or two of silence so that there's no "mash-up of all the layers at once" there) can be interpreted as kind of a transition to the next layer! Isn't it a fine theory?


Last second edit: Apparently I've just found another solution for YUKs from Full auto, I'll see if it works better.

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by bnnm at 5:07 AM EDT on April 30, 2018
- Add ADX key
- Fix half interleave IDSPs [Taiko no Tatsujin 3 (WiiU)]
- Fix some EA SCHl [Need for Speed 3 (PC)]
- Add .trj/trm extensions [Need for Speed 3 (PS)]
- Add (wip) Ubi .pk support [Just Dance (Wii)]
- Add switch_audio [Gal Gun 2 (Switch)]
- (dev) clean mib
- foobar: Add simple channel downmixer to play >8ch files
- Add .KNS for KTSS meta [Atelier Lydie & Suelle (Switch)] (by bxaimc)


@Ultrafighter - .yuk I think last interleave is smaller (ex. 0x6000 but last maybe 0x2700), perhaps AnonRunzes's bms could try to autodetect. 48KHz I just guessed.
SS2 layers are padded and can't play as one (ex. try start_offset = 0x228800 for layer 2). Ubi SSx *need* .SBx/SMx so they must be somewhere or inside other file.
by Ultrafighter at 7:27 AM EDT on May 1, 2018
@Bnnm - About Full auto: yes author of the tool I used explains structure of those YUK interleaved tracks in this thread. I tested his program & all seems to be fine, at least there're no glitches in ends of layers anymore.

In regard to Far cry: can *.SBx/*.SMx hide among these datafiles? I unpacked DVDsound.dat+DVDsound.fat from root folder with this script and got multitude of nameless files, only the biggest one had BGM inside.
Or maybe I'd better post original DAT big file along with FAT index one? Both are relatively small anyway.


PS. I'm wondering if Freekstyle PS2 *.stream are headerless and you had to guess sample rate too... I got your rip and am sure that more than a half ingame tracks play way too fast. Frequency should have been 22,050 Hz but definitely not 24KHz.
Remember me talking about sort of an OST for Freekstyle? I implied this release; I compared compositions from that disc to counterparts from gamerip & figured out that ripped tracks were significantly sped up. Shouldn't the former be considered an official version?
So can those select streams be fixed or will such a change automatically apply to remaining files? In the meantime I'll try to check if other BGMs are supposed to sound @24,000 Hz as well.
Till next time!

edited 7:45 AM EDT May 1, 2018
by bnnm at 3:30 PM EDT on May 3, 2018
@Ultrafighter - those small files are the .sb2, but post the originals too otherwise it's really hard to add support. Freekstyle I'll fix.
by simonmkwii at 4:38 AM EDT on May 4, 2018
@bnnm - How are you going to deal with Fast RMX's headerless opus?
I searched through the filesystem for headers, but came back empty-handed.
by bxaimc at 8:18 AM EDT on May 4, 2018
It had headers though, also should be able an easy fix according to him.
by Ultrafighter at 9:05 AM EDT on May 4, 2018
Hi Bnnm, I've got new samples right here: there's DVDsound.dat + DVDsound.fat from Far cry: Instincts - Evolution, 2 more SS2 files from that game in case you need them & some demuxed audio from EA VP6 vids.
The latter come from Need for speed: Undercover for PC, they should be a mixture of both 2ch & 5.1 EALayer3 tracks I guess. It'd be good to have them playable one day but obviously I don't ask for any ETA.

Have a nice day!

PS. "Freekstyle I'll fix"
Does it mean that all the BGMs in PS2 set will be played back @22,050 Hz? Maybe such a change can be applied to a few select tracks?
And are GC files supposed to be unplayable ATM? I could only play both movies but not a single ingame track from Gamecube rip.

edited 9:12 AM EDT May 4, 2018

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