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by Ultrafighter at 12:36 PM EDT on October 3, 2018
And 1 more question Bnnm, do you think I can set up this Alpha's BMS to rip XWBs & XSBs off uncompressed datafiles? I requested help with unpacking bigfiles from a VG but haven't gotten a decent reply yet, that's why I'm thinking about some alternate method of bank extraction.
Best wishes!
by marcusss at 10:48 AM EDT on October 5, 2018
Hey bnnm About Labyrinth of Refrain I got to sit down and give it a further listen and there are indeed some songs that don't play at all.

by Ultrafighter at 7:57 AM EDT on October 6, 2018
Hello Bnnm, I've got a bunch of interesting samples with *.exa.snu extension and coming from The Simpsons game for X360. Would you like to look into some supposedly 4ch XMA2-encoded files which are currently unplayable (or should extension be changed to something else to force them to play?)?

I'm sure it'll make the next update of VGMstream pretty awesome if such EA streams are added and we can play them. Also I presume that my rerip is going to be 100% 1:1 and won't ever require reripping if those pesky quad tracks are implemented and no one has to transform them to be able to listen to 'em (not that I'm planning to use xma_parse.exe or ea_multi_xma.exe on them, just saying).

And while I'm at it I'd really appreciate some assistance with Far cry 4 (PS3): there's a BMS for initial DAT+FAT archives used in most recent FC installments but all extracted files are nameless & have some random extension (DAT to be precise). There're thousands of them but even that's not the primary issue:

a) some *.dat chunks seem to be individual tracks (those have (playable) prefix in my sample pack);
b) others are seemingly identified as something of MPEG nature but are played back with clicks and/or static in FB2K (maybe they're multi-layered / interleaved streams? anyway they have (unplayable) tag in filenames);
c) and finally the last group consists of rather big files with lots of "LAME3.98.4" or "LAME3.98" strings within (I assigned them (bank) prefix). Those pieces of plain text I mentioned are found in small groups throughout such files, maybe they're headers for MP3s that are stored separately from actual (headerless?) streams? I can't help but wonder about it.

All in all ripping FC4 proved to be an ugly mess, I was expecting something much easier & tidier (like a single PCK or BNK that's not even packed / compressed) but I'm still willing to invest quite some time into making a decent streamed set for this VG. We just have to figure out all those types of audio (?) files I was talking about, right? I hope it's possible and the game's rippable after all.

BTW most (all?) localized sounds from another bigfile look like plain MP3 fodder, maybe they're all embedded into some kind of custom container with fixed offset for contained stream but simply changing extension to *.mp3 seems to get the job done. If only it'd work on all DATs from main sound archive...

Best wishes!
by marcusss at 10:50 AM EDT on October 6, 2018
@bnnm. I just ripped the PS4 version of LoR and is simple at9 8-).

Why I wait for the PC version to be supported the PS4 is a good listen.. Different music I give them that . he he

spent days ripping Helldivers also since it uses that dreaded bitsquid engine. Can finally release that also. I wish those damn hashes can translate into names or something since 6F7A5B6D95D1B1D9.ogg doesn't sound interesting o.o

edited 10:56 AM EDT October 6, 2018
by Sir-Sabin at 7:14 PM EDT on October 6, 2018

you seem to broke to broke some ,xwb flies (Mega Man 9 for Xbox 360) it crashes foobar

Mega Man 9 Xbox 360
by plpl3000 at 11:00 PM EDT on October 6, 2018
Disgaea Refine and Labyrinth of Refrain- Coven of Dusk

vgmstream Unsupported
by AceK at 2:40 AM EDT on October 7, 2018

Is there a header skip command for .txtp/.txth?
by bnnm at 6:58 PM EDT on October 7, 2018
latest vgmstream changes (autobuilds (MSVC) / foobar / test+winamp+xmplay (GCC) / bug list)
- Fix Final Fantasy Tactics A2 IMA decoding
- Fix some PDT [Mario Party 4 (GC)]
- Fix some .lse [Operation Abyss (PC), Operation Babel (PC)]
- Fix rare FFmpeg codecs decoding more samples after data EOF, cleanup
- Fix missing 1 sample in RIFF loops
- Fix some XWB + FFmpeg subsongs
- Fix EA XMA with actual looping [The Simpsons Game (X360)]
- Fix XWMA with buggy bit rates [Saints Row 2 (PC)]
- Add/fix XWMA start and num samples
- Clean Nippon Ichi SPS/NLSD/PPP/DSP
- Update G.722.1C (Siren14) decoder DLL to fix volume and others

NOTE: copy libg7221_decode.dll for winamp/test/etc again


@Ultrafighter - BIK look silent (audio repeats the same empty-ish byte pattern), not sure why binkconv/FFmpeg can't decode.
Raw XWB/XSB are hard to rip with bms like that.
Far Cry uses Ubi BAO. It needs a custom BMS that writes proper names (some files are headers and others data and need a certain naming convention). "Playable" files are MP3 that ignore BAO headers, other codecs won't work.

@Mekadon76 - unzip this file in the VAG dir: TXTH

@AceK - there isn't, how would you use it? TXTP can point to files that use TXTH, and TXTH can point to absolute header offsets, so I'm not sure about the meaning.
by Nisto at 8:52 PM EDT on October 7, 2018
@bnnm: On the topic of TXTH and header skip - is there any way to skip interleaved headers with TXTH? There are some streams like that in FFX which are not directly supported in vgmstream it seems (I've tried renaming to .vs, .svs). Magic is 'VS', but I'm not sure if there is a formal extension for this format.

Channel count is 1, sample rate is 44100 Hz. Header size is 0x20. The value at 0x0C specifies the remaining amount of sectors in the file (inclusive). A sector is 2048 bytes.
by AceK at 11:24 PM EDT on October 7, 2018

Actually I had a little misunderstand from my previous situation. The issue I have does not pertain much about the beginning of file, but the end of file instead. It is related to the old .MIB discussion a long while ago.

I haven't at the time got around to finding other .MIB based games that run based on patterns like Tekken 4 to verify skips, but there was one example I wanted to point out with Street Fighter EX3, which also uses .MIB PS2 ADPCM.

SFEX3 is a very interesting case. Not only are certain bgm sets matched onto layers to the point that data size must always be equal (leaving same filesize for each audio file of a certain songbank)... there is unnecessary "0C0200-" strings that, in-game, gets ignored and plays back right at the beginning of file. It kinda brings back the topic with "0C0200-" strings having the option somehow for being omitted. For playback purposes, these files have to be de_interleaved... maybe perhaps this can one day be an option too so that this game can be archived without undergoing unnecessary modifications.

The message probably may not be clear... but ideally a few things:

1. 0x0C020000... strings at EOF (except one line) may potentially fix the transitioning for interleaved .MIB format. I'm not entirely sure if this is universal and that it may need more information to be looked into.
2. SFEX3 music requires the use of de_interleave which would then have to be recompiled into separate tracks. Perhaps it is possible to set it so that the big .MIB file can be present in the directory (or Sound folder) and have .txtp assign a de_interleave function while also assigning which stream # to use for playback.

EDIT: Even weird when doing ADPCM dumps via emulator, it dumps 800 bytes of information before going into a series of 000600-, 000200-, 000000-(this repeats for another 400 bytes from 000200- and onwards). When it comes to the EOF of each pattern, the audio content's EOF 400 bytes are omitted and filled in with the 000600-, 000200-, and 000000- as described above in parenthesis, and then proceeds onto the next audio pattern (ie: goes from track 1 to track 2).

EDIT2: After testing, this assumption is not true for all games. SFEX3 if hacked to prevent fade out will end up playing the whole duration of the song which includes 0C0200-... so ignore the thought of it being universal for PS2 games (as a note for SFEX3, there is a universal pointer where it fades a song, and it is the same pointer for every character theme [probably due time constraints in development?])

edited 6:07 AM EDT October 8, 2018

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