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by ChillyBilly at 5:33 PM EDT on July 3, 2019
@bnnm: Thanks for the tip about Yuppie Psycho, that did the trick! Anyway, while I'm here, I may as well bring up a couple other issues that have been persisting for a while now: First, some GENH files haven't been playing right for me for some time now. For instance, when I try to play the music for Psychic Force 2012 for the DC, the sound comes out all glitchy. Unfortunately, no number of vgmstream/foobar updates has fixed this issue for me thus far. My other problem lies with something you may be more familiar with: The PDT files used for some Hudson/Konami-developed Gamecube games (such as Cubic Lode Runner, Muscle Champion, etc.). They also play with glitchy sound, no matter what I try. I have no idea if this is just me or what, but is it possible for you to look into this? Thanks in advance for any advice...
txth files for .AFC by Puterboy1 at 6:04 PM EDT on July 3, 2019
I don't suppose you could provide me with .txth files for the AFC audio files for the game Anakin's Speedway. I have already submitted the samples in an earlier post.
Various Gamerips (Reply) by -Dexter- at 7:47 PM EDT on July 3, 2019
[QUOTE]Hi Bnnm, do you mind looking into these? They're all SFX files from The House Of The Dead: Overkill for PS3 & differ a bit from their *.WAV \ *.WAV.STR counterparts (the latter are stored in those soundstreaming_*.ps3 archives while the former come from sound_*.ps3 ones).
You see there're some BGMs & jingles among those SFX so it'd great if I could check them out too, thus making my gamerip more complete; thanks in advance!

@-Dexter-: Enter The Matrix for PC shouldn't require any extraction of music (or any audio files for that matter), that's what makes it so different from console ports.
You should simply put this in a folder with *.adx files then that in a folder with *.adp files & you'll be able to listen to those via VGMstream.

As for Watch Dogs 1 it's both quite difficult & rather easy: there're extractors for that game engine (a BMS & a utility program) but you'll only get thousands of nameless assets with hexadecimal hashes for names, that's what I meant when I said it's quite difficult for make a proper rip of a VG based on Dunia2 (FC3 isn't entirely like that though, ripping VGM from it is just as difficult but everything else can be extracted with their proper filenames).
On the other hand you can scan sound.dat for OGGs (using VGMToolbox, Nova Extractor or even Dragon unpacker) and possibly find all the music you're looking for + much more but who can guarantee it's gonna be all the music used by the game? I mean it's not like every single music piece has to be encoded using OGG Vorbis codec...

And finally The Incredibles: is it so necessary to rip it yourself when there're rips from numerous platforms (GameCube, PC, Xbox) here? Just enter your search term in the field at the top left side of a page and you'll find them all.


Wow this really helpful thank you, I didn't even know there was a page exactly for gamerips already done until today. Also I was able to extract the music from Watch Dogs so I'm already converting the audio as I speak to a FLAC format and doing the same thing with The Incredibles.

The only reason really to why I wanted to rip of these games myself was so I could credit for my own self-made albums with my own tracklist and edits. I just feel like if I were using someone else's gamerip, it would be stealing their work and claiming it to be my own even though the edits would be done by me. Yet I would still give credit to the original ripper of the cues.

Is there someone who you could recommend as far as looking at the files from Conndemned 2 or tracking down the music cues from the PC version of Sunset Overdrive?
by Ultrafighter at 7:04 AM EDT on July 4, 2019
@Puterboy1: txth files for .AFC
I'm wondering if you were asking me, Bnnm or that question wasn't aimed at anyone in particular...

@-Dexter-: In regards to Condemned 2: your best bet would be posting some SND files here & asking Bnnm to make some game-specific BMS scripts / TXTH files but you see it might take long with so many individual requests ITT...
He created a nice BMS for dividing initial SND bigfiles into multiple tracks + a special TXTH to play those tracks BUT both BMS & TXTH are probably only going to work on FEAR2 PC banks (or maybe Condemned 2 PS3?). Plus even if there's a way of splitting SNDs you'll presumably miss proper tracknames since it's virtually impossible to link up names from GAMEDB files with their corresponding tracks contained in SND files.
Also there's something named SNDExtractor.exe but once again I doubt it's compatible with anything apart from FEAR2 for PC.

As for PC version of Sunset Overdrive - I've never ripped games for Windows Apps but I heard there's a lot of bother with them (look up State Of Decay 2 ripping method).

@Bnnm: "(about KKND 2 & Krazy Ivan vids) they are complex, maybe later"
Thanks for looking into those, I truly appreciate it! Do you think it's possible to demultiplex those without inspecting EXEs or something?
BTW I forgot to mention that !robo_13.vbc from KKND 2 seems to use old codecs for both video & audio streams, that's the only file I was able to demux using KKND 1 method.

by -Dexter- at 3:34 PM EDT on July 4, 2019

Actually, I originally thought C2 music files were inside a SND format as previously mentioned by @Bnnnm some months ago. After using the FEAR2 method to extract the GAMEDB files from the XBOX360 version, I found the SND file but the method you mentioned to extract the files from it didn't work. Recently, I've done a little bit more research in the game's data and found the music files are compressed under a format called "bndl" commonly used in games like Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2010) and Shadow of Mordor. I can confirm it through a file I opened on Notepad as raw file which it seems to be a database list of all the game's files. In one section, it clearly shows that the music cues with proper names are listed under the mission0*.gamedb within the m0*0000.bndl part of a single file split into multiples for that section. All the cues shown are actual music files, not SFXs. If Bnnm, could craft a BMS script to extract the files under that format, that would be really helpful.

Much like C2, I found a excel file in the Sunset Overdrive's PC data "assets_archive" that is a database list for all the files in the g00s000 and ext. I just need a BMS script to extract them to find the music cues list in the database. From what I found out recently about them is that its a format common in most Insomniac games.

Here's the links to both database files
Condemned 2:

Sunset Overdrive:

Do you know how I could reach Bnnm so I can ask him directly? I can also post the data files for both games on here if needed.

edited 3:36 PM EDT July 4, 2019
by Ultrafighter at 11:04 AM EDT on July 5, 2019
@-Dexter-: About Condemned 2: I'm afraid you have those problems because you haven't even completed extraction of game archives, I believe you have to unpack every single *.bndl file (they don't have anything in common with the ones used in Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2010), it's merely a coincidence that file extensions are the same) with this once you've all *.Arch0* ones extracted with another script by Luigi (I presume you've already found it, or maybe only this is gonna work).
How many *.SND files do you have ATM? I suppose there are very few files with that extension right now - global.snd to name one of 'em; the thing is most of them are packed into BNDL archives. As soon as you unpack BNDLs you should have dozens of *.SND files named like m01_sr_03a.snd, m03.snd, m15_sr_02a.snd, etc. - now those are level-specific audio banks and at that point you're finally ready to post some samples & ask if anyone's able to split those into tracks.

You can join Bnnm, other rippers/coders & basically the bulk of this community here but it's still just 1 of your options: you can start a topic dedicated to ripping Condemned 2 BGM here or there, there're lots of archive experts & tool coders too.

In regards to Sunset Overdrive: frankly I'm not interested in this at all, I suggest you request this VG for that platform wherever you want, maybe it's a rather easy rip... for an advanced ripper that is. If you absolutely have to acquire unedited original audio files which weren't transcoded then ask here.

So long!
by Nisto at 6:57 PM EDT on July 5, 2019

The -L option for test.exe is broken, at least for VB files (PSX ADPCM), and has been since at least [vgmstream CLI decoder r1020-2136-gac28ccc5 Jan 21 2019]. Could you look into it?

Example file (this has a loop, which isn't detected or applied):

edited 7:21 PM EDT July 5, 2019
by -Dexter- at 10:45 AM EDT on July 6, 2019

Understood and thank you for the help you've given. I realized the real SND files were in those compressed files I mentioned before. Just didn't know how to extract them. I'll just focus on ripping this game first then Sunset Overdrive next.

Thanks again,
by AnonRunzes at 2:11 PM EDT on July 6, 2019
so i managed to figure out Ubisoft's .BLK sound format used on at least two known PS2 games... and i've only got as far as figuring out MAP.BLK and MAPLANG.BLK
AFC files by Puterboy1 at 1:07 AM EDT on July 8, 2019
Ultrafighter, bnnm, can you please look at these?:

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